You and some floor space. Just one practice not to go crazy this spring

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You and some floor space. Just one practice not to go crazy this spring



In spring, the same feeling often arises: everything is on fire, and you are in hell. Instead of slowly preparing for the May holidays, for some reason we find ourselves under a heap of affairs and responsibilities, and the strength remains less and less. What to do?

Intuition probably tells you that you need to speed up, be patient a little more, finish the last things … We suggest listening to your intuition – and do the opposite. Slow down. Stay. Exhale. And do just one yoga pose that will help reduce anxiety and rediscover yourself. All you need is you and some floor space.

Not a day without savasana

Shavasana – the pose of a dead man – is most often considered as the final part of the practice, but it is already practice in itself. Its essence is not to lie down and rest. Shavasana promotes the unity of mind and body – active presence in your body. If you are overly agitated or, conversely, fell into apathy, the best remedy will be shavasana.

Consider this practice an opportunity to reboot.

If you have long dreamed of lying down with benefit – this is what you need

The beauty of shavasana is that even five minutes is enough to reboot. And if you have twenty minutes, then you will have time to work through all aspects of your “I”. Let shavasana be your pleasant recovery ritual.

What to do

Here’s how to do this practice.

  1. Lie on your back, stretch your legs and lower your arms to either side of the body. Make sure you are warm and comfortable.
  2. Relax your legs completely and let your feet fall slightly to the sides. Take up as much space on the rug as needed.
  3. Open your palms towards the sky as a sign of openness and readiness to take all the benefits of the practice.
  4. Close your eyes. Observe how the breath raises and lowers your belly, with each exhalation, plunge deeper into the pose. If you cannot get rid of thoughts, while inhaling say to yourself “I am here”, and exhaling – “I am present.”
  5. Stop all muscular and mental efforts and go to a state of active relaxation. The body and mind are conscious but inactive.
Feel free to make yourself comfortable: place a roller under your feet, close your eyes.

Use aids. If you feel tension in your lower back or neck and this is preventing you from relaxing, place a rolled up blanket under the back of your thighs and another under your head. If you notice that you are not staying in shavasana for a long time, set the timer for at least five minutes.

Inaction is power

For centuries yogis have known that inaction is strength. Lying on the rug in savasana, you can experience all the many benefits of this pose.

  • Shavasana promotes relaxation
  • Teaches you to be mindful and release tension
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Combines the physical and energetic effects of practice
  • Balances mind and body
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Gives an experience of togetherness, peace and integrity

You can try savasana while lying on your stomach. Use a bolster or rolled blanket.

In savasana, we learn to stop all effort. This does not mean that we become weak. We do not lose our strength, but we make a choice: we decide to believe that everything is in order, that we have support and we are connected with the energy that feeds all that exists.

These few minutes are an opportunity to release all obligations, forget about stress and recover.

All it takes is to relax and soak up the results of the practice and the benefits of restorative rest. This deliberate pause brings you back to your natural state and gives your mind, body, and spirit a chance to be at peace and merge. The more you practice complete passivity, the more you’ll learn to apply the benefits of rest and relaxation to your daily life.

After practice

When you feel that you have been in savasana enough and your rest is complete without opening your eyes, gently begin awakening. Rub the pads of your toes together and wiggle your toes. Bend your wrists slowly, bend your ankles. When you’re ready, pull your knees up to your chest and grab your ankles. Squeezing into a compact ball, roll to the right or left side – wherever you want.

Stay on your side for a while, feeling grateful for the practice and still directing your attention inward. Without opening your eyes, silently thank your body for trying for you. Thank the people and circumstances in your life, from the coworkers who support you at work to your partner who provides a secure home base. And, of course, thank yourself for the efforts and the work done. Stay in this position for as long as you see fit.

Based on materials from the books “Yoga. Breathe, Stretch, Live “and” Power Yoga “

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