Yoga in quarantine. Interview with Ksenia Timoshina

At this difficult time for us, when yoga studios and fitness rooms were closed, and you can leave the house only for groceries, yoga instructors are not discouraged. Even though we do not yet have cozy rooms, professional equipment, and only telephones are at hand, you can practice yoga anywhere and anytime. This is its huge plus, that you do not need weights, you do not always need props, the main thing is desire and anti-slip socks. Just kidding. The main desire is your body, the intention to practice and a good instructor.

With one of these we talked about quarantine. Meet Ksenia Timoshina… Before quarantine, she taught in three studios, taught classes with adults and children, in the areas of Hatha Yoga, and Yoga in hammocks.

How are you going through the quarantine? What has changed in your life?

I am going through it very well. My life has improved for the better. At first, there was a slight panic, fear, a lack of understanding of what to do next. If you have never experienced this before in your life, then you are seized by the fear of the unknown, and this is normal. But everything began to quickly take shape for the better, and events developed very quickly, now I can’t even keep up with time. I’m running straight in this quarantine.

What has changed? The first thing I had to deal with was going online and teaching. The workouts that I did in the studio are now at home. Before quarantine, I was mostly at home too, if not in the studio. So, nothing has changed dramatically.

First, I had to overcome my fear and step out of my comfort zone. Because teaching online is much more difficult than in a studio. In the studio, people don’t look at you too much, they are immersed in their practice, and the instructor checks and rebuilds more. And on-line you need to do everything just perfect, because the only reference point for people is your voice and what you show. But my worst expectations did not come true, but on the contrary, everything became better. I like being online and the fact that you don’t have to go anywhere. You conduct a workout, and then you can do your own business at home and then the next workout. And another big plus is that you can drive from anywhere. You work, you have allocated a place, the main thing is to have the Internet, have a training session and be free.

Secondly, the energy of the universe was felt, more of its energy appeared. Because before quarantine, I understood what I needed to do, but I was lazy. I needed some kind of magic kick, but then I got this kick and intuitively felt that I needed to practice, develop, and not waste a minute. And there was more time and work to do.

And thirdly, I purchased online training. Usually I do not like to undergo training with a screen, I have to hear and see a person live. Now a new direction has appeared in Russia inside flow yoga

Inside Flow (internal flow) is one of the directions of yoga, in particular, a variety of Vinyasa flow, in which all movements are interconnected, resembling a dance.

I went to several master classes and was eager to get trained to teach. Before quarantine, I saw that the training was taking place this year in Bali, in October, and I was already thinking of saving up money to go there. And my name is to teach this direction, respectively, I need to speed up this process. And then they also launch online training. And I understand that I need to take it, so I will finish faster and get a certificate, saving money. I was very happy and bought it. So I am doing online training, and at the same time I am learning a new direction.

Are you at this stage of development?

Now I have already adapted to new conditions and all of the above is a part of my life.

Did you lose in income, how did it affect your work?

My income has decreased, but my expenses have also decreased. When I went to work, I bought myself coffee, then something to eat. And here it seems that things are not particularly necessary, and half of the clothes can be thrown away.

Do you practice more often now, or vice versa less?

I didn’t practice more or less, I started to practice better. Before the quarantine, I was engaged in my high, but now I understand that somewhere I was cheating, somewhere I did not push it. And there is still such a moment what you can do, your students will be able to do. What you don’t know, they won’t be able to. This is logical.

It stimulates me more, not that I will be able to, or possess some kind of difficult asana, but that other people will be able to do it, thanks to me. In yoga practice, I am more responsible not to myself, but to the practitioners. The practice has remained the same, but it has become better.

What is the main thing for you during this period?

I think the main thing is to find something to do. In second place is to cheer yourself up. I am inspired by training, and positive feedback from people, I want to do more and more.

When you are working on yourself and your students are working on themselves.

Even if you purposefully and consciously chose to sit and look out the window, this is also an occupation. The main thing is to understand what you are doing now, you yourself choose.

What’s the first thing to do after quarantine?

I’ll go to nature. Even before quarantine I wanted to, but I couldn’t. And I really want to.

What advice would you give to people who do not like to practice on video. Is it possible to enter the stream, create the atmosphere as in the hall?

I manage to enter the stream. All the same, even through the phone, I can feel your energy, it is even scientifically proven. Even when I post a photo to the Instagram feed, and I don’t really like it, I have no feedback. And if with some positive message, then there is a feedback, so I feel the flow and energy. And the lesson takes place in this stream.

Someone really likes online classes, even more than in the studio, they get high, but someone says no, we will not study, we will wait for the classes in the studio. But the flow, it will still be even with such activities. The question is whether you can rebuild or not. Because it’s still a comfort zone. You come to the studio, study, they correct you, it’s so convenient and familiar. Although there was online and offline.

And what can you advise such people who do not want to do online? At least try it.

If you tried it, you didn’t like it, you need to come up with something of your own: jump rope, run, dance. It’s just that sometimes it is difficult to force yourself. There are so many things now. The problem in our society as a whole is that there are so many things in the public domain, just take it and do it. Previously, on the contrary, there was little use and they grabbed everything, now there is anything, the main thing is to choose. Find what puts you in, charges you. Do not like yoga, do something else.

Thanks to Ksyusha for the inspiring interview, I hope it will help you adapt to new realities, and not be afraid to practice yoga online. Indeed, in yoga, it does not matter where you are, it is important what you feel at the same time. You can subscribe to Ksenia and study with her online here.

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