We dream, prepare, run. The attraction of the super marathon

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We dream, prepare, run. The attraction of the super marathon

September 7, 2019


Every jogger sooner or later has a dream: to run a marathon. And then the question arises: what next? Maxim Vorobyov (today – master of sports, coach of the Russian national daily running team) had the same.

Therefore, he ventured into the super marathon. I ran for myself, on the way from Moscow to Pushchino, at night. Happened. Then there were other races, performances for the country, coaching work and an important discovery: a person’s possibilities are almost endless, and running fills life with colors.

For a long time there was no book in Russia to prepare for the super-distance run. Now it is. With 25 years of experience, champion stories, psychology, guidance and humor. You can lace up your sneakers and run. If not a super marathon (yet), then a couple of kilometers to enlightenment. Are you with us?

Pace, distance, time

The book contains answers to questions from beginners and pros. For example: “At what pace do you run in training?” The super runner needs to run slowly at a speed that does not exceed the threshold for aerobic metabolism. This is when you can talk calmly and the pulse is no more than 130-135 beats per minute.

Or another one: “What should be the volume of training?” The minimum training distance for a super marathon is 40-50 km. Passed without stopping at a time, it will allow you to run 80-100 km in competitions. During the preparation period, you need to run it once or twice. Larger volumes lead to the emasculation of the body and a drop in the result.

Seasonality of training, strength training, speed endurance … The book contains all the important topics for a runner.

Emotion management, cold calculation and the ability to endure pain are almost the ideal set of qualities for getting off to the start.

When can you run a super marathon? Maxim Vorobyov recommends starting no earlier than three years later. The optimal period is five years. Before that – regular year-round training so that the body adapts to stress.

Salo before the start

Once, before the race, Maxim dropped in to his teammates. The Kruglikov brothers ate a piece of bacon with appetite. There were three hours before the start. When the guest noticed that eating bacon in the heat is strongly discouraged, they dismissed it. At a distance, Anatoly Kruglikov collapsed onto a bench and could not finish.

There are no trifles in a super marathon.

Don’t worry about dieting if your training volume is at least 120 km per week.

Meals should be simple and varied. Try to eat at least twenty different foods every day.

Here’s a sample menu for the day:

  • Breakfast: tea, sugar, oatmeal, butter, white bread, jam or preserves, cookies.
  • Lunch: fruits (bananas, oranges, apples, etc.), salad (cucumbers, tomatoes), herbs, soup, buckwheat porridge, cutlets or sausages, compote or juice, white and black bread, chocolate, hazelnuts.
  • Dinner: fruits, herbs, boiled potatoes, butter or vegetable oil, black and white bread, cookies, honey, walnuts, tea.

What else

The author is sure that the mood is the main thing. If at the start the runner is not sure that he will reach the end, he will not reach the end. If you are not used to fighting fatigue and kilometers, you will not be able to cope. This is the key that will open doors for you not only in sports.

1991, Maxim Vorobyov at the start of his sports career. Running 80 km

In the book you will find:

  • Records, defeats and the slogan of ultramarathon runners
  • Proper nutrition before and during the race
  • Anthem wearing a cap
  • Training plans for beginners and pros
  • Recovery methods
  • What the supermarathon runner thinks about during the day
  • Table of super marathon runs and trails for the year

In a super marathon, everything is concentrated. Uncomfortable socks or pressure from rivals can lead to retirement. But you can learn to cope with difficulties – and get super abilities for running and for life.

Based on the book “The attraction of the supermarathon”.

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