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How long has it been since the last time you took care of yourself? We hope you didn’t have to rewind your memories months and years ago to answer this question. But there is never much concern. Let’s put the vanity aside today and give ourselves as much attention as we want. And even a little more. We made a schedule for a caring day. It’s time to start 😉

Morning: devote time to ourselves

Starting your day by caring for your needs, you are not only charged with peace that no one can take away from you, but you are also attuned to communicate with people with greater kindness and gentleness.

Make yourself the perfect morning and the whole day will be wonderful.

A cup of your favorite tea in the morning is a great idea. – A source

Try to time the time so that after waking up you have an hour and a half of “your” time. Dedicate it to what you love. You can take a bath, take a walk, look out the window, have a strong cup of coffee, read your favorite book, or be creative. Some people enjoy doing housework with important things to do. Use the time at your own discretion, the main thing is to avoid the fuss and not take on activities that unsettle you.

Start of the Day: Strengthening Personal Boundaries

It seems that boundaries separate us from people, but they are not. They help maintain and improve relationships. Do a little exercise early in the day. Think back to yesterday’s events and think how many times have you taken care of yourself? How many times have you criticized or reproached yourself? Something like, “I had to try harder on the run.”

Now remember how you took care of others. For example, they offered to bring tea to a tired colleague. Have you criticized anyone (aloud or inwardly)?

How did you manage your time? Are you more critical or caring for yourself and others? Did you try to do something pleasant for others or enjoy unexpected joys?

Whatever the answers, do not reproach or evaluate yourself. Just think: what would you like to add? What emotions, thoughts and actions were missing? Put them on your schedule for today. And better – a week in advance.

Continuation of the day: training in the jacuzzi

We often save on ourselves, and this is a very bad habit – it makes us stuck at the same level. Of course, buying expensive ice cream for your last money instead of potatoes for dinner is not a good idea. But we forbid ourselves to small pleasures even when they are available.

Today, as an experiment, allow yourself a little more than usual. Instead of your usual clothing store, go to a boutique and try on something, even if you are not going to buy. Instead of a boring lunch, take a salad – better and tastier. Book a business class taxi or test drive the car you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Today, as an experiment, allow yourself a little more than usual.
Instead of the usual shower, arrange a relaxation procedure. Why not? – A source

Small changes won’t hit your budget hard, but they will change your attitude towards life.

You will find that you can afford better quality items. If you like it, continue in the same spirit tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, using the strategy “100 rubles more expensive”.

Evening: playing a useful game

Gathering a warm company with loved ones is also taking care of yourself. Not only do you have a surge in the “happiness hormone” oxytocin, but you can also spend your evening profitably. To do this, start up some fun “board game”. Our favorite is the game “You are just space!”. Draw out cards and complete tasks that will help pump three areas of life: personal development, relationships and career. And taking care of yourself too. For example, here is a task on one of the cards.

“Treat yourself. Self-love is an integral part of strong relationships with others, a resource that we share with others. Tell us how you show love for yourself. “

Great assignment, isn’t it? And also a reason to exchange recipes for personal happiness with friends and infect everyone with the caring virus.

Tasks of the game “You are just space!” help you take care of yourself and your loved ones. And you don’t have to choose.

Before bed: listening to yourself

Being able to recognize and accept your emotions is an important part of taking care of yourself. Before embarking on your evening rituals, listen to the feelings accumulated during the day. Do this exercise.

1. Sit down in a secluded corner where no one will disturb you.

2. Focus on your breath and name the emotions you are experiencing (sadness, excitement, excitement, joy, anxiety).

3. Write in a journal or mentally how you feel and why. Ask yourself: What could have caused these feelings? New experience? Old habits that are difficult to give up? People who were around today?

4. If emotions are not very pleasant, do not try to suppress them or ignore them. Accept them. Thank them for being with you. Then think about how you can change the situation. What should be done? Who to talk to for support and advice?

Night. Sleep well

For a magical night, create a dream temple in your bedroom. Here are some tips to help you with this.

Bring in some fresh air. It saturates cells not only with oxygen; it also contains ionic elements important to health and well-being. As the air stagnates, the ions gradually lose their (negative) charge. To fix this, it is enough to make the air move again – for example, open a window or turn on a fan.

Plant at least one plant in your bedroom. If you lack gardening talent, choose something completely unpretentious. The benefits of plants are too great to be missed. The main thing is that you like them.

Plant at least one plant in your bedroom.
An unpretentious green friend will decorate and heal your bedroom. – A source

Establish a work ban. Doing office work in the bedroom is one of the most serious crimes against a night’s rest. Enter the rule: the bed is exclusively for sleeping. Leave gadgets, laptop, and business papers outside the bedroom. Nothing will happen to them until morning.

Go to bed early and have the sweetest dreams.

Based on the materials of the books “30 rules of a real dreamer”, “Personal boundaries”, “You matter!”, “Healthy sleep”, “Morning rituals”

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