The most healthy life hack: how to count calories with the palm of your hand

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The most healthy life hack: how to count calories with the palm of your hand

14 June 2019


For many people, counting calories, which in our digital age still has to do on their own, is a tedious task. Some, because of the difficulties, refuse to switch to proper nutrition or give up this business halfway through. If there is an opportunity to simplify the method of calorie control, then at least it is worth trying to do it. We offer you an easy way to calculate calories from the “The Book of the Burner”.

This method was proposed by nutrition experts from Precision Nutrition (consulting company of renowned sports physiologist John Berardi, personal trainer for many Olympic athletes and Nike sports consultant). You just need to use your hands in the calculations.

This is how it works.

  • Protein-rich foods are considered palms.
  • Vegetables are considered fists.
  • We consider food rich in carbohydrates as handfuls.
  • Use your thumb to measure portions of food rich in fat.

Recommendations for the amount of substances in the daily diet. Table from the “Book of the zozhnik”

If you eat according to these guidelines, then for an average man the calorie content will be about 2300-3000 kcal per day and 1500-2100 for a woman (everything is individual and depends on the size of your body and, accordingly, hands). At the same time, nutrition itself in terms of the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is quite complete and corresponds to the general recommendations of nutritionists. And counting portions with your hands is much easier and calmer (and possibly more accurate).

Now let’s show and talk about each component and definition of portions in a little more detail.


Your palm determines the amount of protein you need

A portion of protein-rich foods (eg, meat, fish, cottage cheese) should be the same size (diameter and thickness) as your palm and will contain about 15–20 grams of protein.


Your fist determines the amount of vegetables you need.

Vegetables are an important part of the diet, and experts at Precision Nutrition recommend that men eat 6-8 fist-sized servings, and women eat 4-6 fists of vegetables a day.


Your Handful Determines the Carbohydrate Serving Needed

In this case, carbohydrate-containing food primarily means all kinds of cereals, as well as fruits (but not sugar). Count cooked carbohydrates (for example, cooked rice, buckwheat, pasta) in handfuls, in one handful – about 15-30 grams of carbohydrates, depending on their specific source.


Your thumb determines the amount of fat you need

A thumb-sized serving contains approximately 7-12 grams of fat-rich foods. However, there is a subtlety here: we consume many fats in liquid form (first of all, these are oils that we use for frying or dressing salads), therefore, it is often necessary to determine the portion by eye, focusing on the size of the thumb. You can also use a tablespoon or teaspoon.

The meaning is in pleasure

The above rules are not a dogma, but only a guideline. You can start eating in this way and listen to your own feelings, well-being and changes in weight. And according to the results, this approach to nutrition can already be adjusted according to personal characteristics and desires: you can eat a little more or a little less of certain foods.

The main thing is that nutritional control and weight management are not torture for you, but rather enjoyable. This has a direct practical meaning: what you do with strength and reluctance, sooner or later give up. And it is always desirable to eat a balanced diet, therefore it is very important that this process becomes comfortable over a long distance.

This is just one life hack from the “Book of a zozhnik”. Inside you will find even more tips, advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy it.

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