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6 ways to get rid of chronic fatigue

From the very morning you feel as if you have “plowed” the whole day, do not have the strength, desire and mood to do something? This is called chronic

30 ways to improve your mental health

How to become more cheerful and happier, improve your mental capacity and find peace of mind? We found great advice in an article posted on the Mental Health America

5 easy ways to boost immunity

Healthy lifestyle 5 easy ways to boost immunity 22 november 2018 4,953 views Fall and winter are considered to be the seasons of the common cold. Can the body be helped to fight

5 ways to boost immunity. Pro level

Healthy lifestyle 5 ways to boost immunity. Pro level 14 january 2019 3,797 views The strength of the immune system is made up of simple things - proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and

8 simple ways to meditate

Many of us are sorely short of time. This applies even to top-priority tasks, not to mention hobbies. The nice paradox of meditation is that it frees up

8 ways to boost immunity

If you associate autumn with a series of illnesses, then we are here for you. With tips to help you get sick less. Immunity depends on two factors

Those over thirty. 5 ways to stay young

Fuel is needed to fight the aging process. And for this you need to consume restorative products - proteins. When food is digested, proteins are broken down into