Step, breath, magic. How running changes lives

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Step, breath, magic. How running changes lives

10 June 2019


We are always busy. At work, we don’t get out of projects. At home – from the Internet and worries. There is not enough time. Brilliant ideas don’t come.

Yuri Strofilov did the same. He worked in the presidential administration and in many other places. And then he began to run. At the age of 50, he entered his first marathon, and now behind his back – New York, Boston, Tokyo, Berlin, London.

Yuri spoke about his experience and technique, nutrition and physiology. But the book was not about running. She is about life. About how to learn not to wait for your happiness, but to receive it right now. It’s a whirlwind that will help you see and love running from the inside out, even if you’ve never laced a shoe before. Run?

Everyone is here

The insights that happen while running are easy to explain. The body injects a cocktail of hormones into the bloodstream. Adrenaline makes you think faster. Dopamine makes any thought attractive, and the brain generates a million ideas in search of pleasure. Serotonin expands consciousness.

It doesn’t work right away. Those who have little experience do this: they get together for a long time, run three kilometers at a breakneck speed, then go home and eat a shank – they tried. And then they throw the sneakers on the far shelf.

For the magic to happen, two conditions must be met – run slowly and regularly.

Yuri Strofilov (he is in the photo): “This book will not prepare you for a marathon in three months, but the result will be instantaneous. You will start to enjoy running tomorrow. No, not tomorrow, today! ” – Photo from Facebook page

Marathon runners know this. It may seem that they spend six months in terrible agony for the sake of thirty seconds on the podium. All wrong. Finish, medal, victory are not the main thing. These people know how not to wait for happiness, but to be happy right now. Not a bad strategy?

Why hesitate?

If you are out in a park or stadium, take your time. Slow running multiplies the number of mitochondria, develops the capillary network, increases the volume of the heart, swings fat metabolism, and stabilizes the nervous system. Fast is the path to injury, heart disease and frustration. Try this: 80% slow and 20% fast.

Life is like a marathon. Do not hurry.

Invisible muscle

It takes willpower to be happy and get what you want. Even the simplest exercise helps to pump it up. In one experiment, people were asked to deliberately open a door with a non-dominant hand, making an effort on themselves, and they became less likely to show aggression.

The effect of self-control from one exercise extends to other areas.

Willpower is like a muscle: tired – not working, rested – working. – A source

Don’t set your goals too far. You will run out of willpower halfway through. In life, as in a marathon, if you don’t guess the right pace or distance, everything turns into a mockery of yourself. Intermediate goals make reaching the main goal a lot easier, as if you were laying cookies on the road.

What else

Read the question and get ready for what will cover you: if at the finish of the marathon we are fighting for every second, why in ordinary life do we waste time on nonsense? We devote ourselves to unloved work. We communicate with people with whom we are not on the way. We postpone happiness.

Running to remember the value of the moment is a worthwhile choice.

Slow running is a time for reflection and unity with the outside world. Take your time: the result will come faster if it is not customized. – A source

You will learn a lot of useful things from the book:

  • Broken windows theory
  • Marathon preparation plan
  • Do you need a trainer in running?
  • What you can and cannot eat
  • How to grow capillaries
  • Why do the lizard and the hamster decide everything for us?
  • Stories of Nobel Laureates, Eminent Runners, and Historical Figures

There are many messages in the book for everyone. They win races with their feet and lose with their heads. What you believe in works. You need to live here and now. These thoughts are imprinted in my memory, like footprints of sneakers on wet sand. The difference is that the waves will wash away the traces, but the inspiring discoveries will remain.

Based on the book “Not about running”
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