Starfish, log, parachutist: choosing a pose for a healthy sleep

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Starfish, log, parachutist: choosing a pose for a healthy sleep

20 november 2018


If you think that you only need to take a horizontal position to get a good sleep, then you are mistaken. The position in which we fell asleep and slept all night depends on how our body functions and recovers. Posture is very important if you want to feel energized and refreshed in the morning.

Starfish or log?

There are many different poses for quality sleep – from “starfish” to “parachutist” and “soldier”. As a rule, we choose one or two favorites. What position do you usually sleep in?

Illustration from the book “Healthy Sleep”.

Sleep on your back

Many experts claim that the ideal option is to sleep on your back (if you observe a number of other conditions). This is the most suitable position for the spine, you are unlikely to be bothered by belching, and the skin of the face will breathe better, which reduces the likelihood of dermatological problems and the appearance of early wrinkles. The disadvantage of this posture is the higher likelihood of snoring and shortness of breath during sleep.

If you are going to sleep on your back:

  • get rid of the huge pillow because it is bad for your head and back;
  • make sure not to sink deep into the mattress, jeopardizing the natural curve of the spine.

Sleep on your back

Sleep on your stomach

Lying on their stomachs, many feel more comfortable and calmer. But this pose has its pros and cons. A face-down position with straight legs and arms at your sides jeopardizes your back as it removes the natural curve of the lumbar spine. A head turned to the side, pressed into a pillow for many hours is not helpful either. But at the same time, some studies show that lying on your stomach can prevent light snoring and eliminate short-term respiratory arrest during sleep.

If you are going to sleep on your stomach:

  • bend one knee to open your hips and relieve stress from the spine;
  • get rid of the pillow;
  • Place a small, firm pillow under your belly and thighs to relieve stress on your neck and lumbar back.

Sleep on your side

This position is more likely than lying on your back to eliminate snoring and make breathing easier. In addition, studies have shown that sleeping on your side (particularly on your left) can help relieve discomfort from digestive disorders such as belching and heartburn.

The disadvantage of this position is the numbness of the fingers or even their entire hand due to circulatory disorders and normal nerve function.

If you are going to sleep on your side:

  • Relieve the shoulder: try to push it forward a little to prevent poor circulation in the muscles of the shoulder and arm;
  • align the pillow: it should not raise your head too high;
  • if your back hurts, sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees. This will help stabilize the spine and relieve pressure from the hips and lower back.

Poses for couples

But what about sleeping positions when it comes to two? If you are not sleeping in a king-size bed, the starfish pose is unlikely to suit you. Which position is more comfortable for your pair? Test all the options from the pictures and choose the best one.

Poses for couples

Discuss which is more convenient for whom

Discuss which is more convenient for whom
Illustrations from the book “Healthy Sleep”.

Discuss which is more convenient for whom

Have an honest discussion with your partner about how you both can sleep comfortably. Understand the needs of the other person and make sure you are comfortable too.

Repeat the pose

The important thing now is to reinforce the habit. Fall asleep in the desired position, and if at night you find that the position of the body has involuntarily changed, just correct the position.

Go to bed

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so make sure your bed enhances health, not weakens it. Buy a non-toxic, high resilience mattress, lie back and give yourself some rest.

Based on the book “Healthy Sleep”.
Post cover: pexels.

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