Salt, sugar and fat: is it all that bad?

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Salt, sugar and fat: is it all that bad?

22 March 2018


What do soda and red meat, sour cream and chocolate, muesli and milk, hamburgers and cheese have in common? They are full of sugar or fat. These days, such food is the basis of the diet for many. And everyone pretends that there is nothing wrong with that. This is the opinion of many doctors and nutritionists. And we do not have time to think about what we eat, and we believe in advertising. Increasingly, families are turning away from homemade food in favor of convenience foods and prepared foods. But all this is slowly killing us.

The author of the China Study, Colin Campbell, says that high fat consumption can lead not only to cardiovascular disease, but also to the development of cancer. But he also points out that fat, salt and sugar should not be treated as separate ingredients that should be eliminated to improve health. For example, the negative effects of a hamburger on the body cannot be attributed to just a few grams of saturated fat found in meat. It also contains other types of fats, as well as cholesterol, proteins and very small amounts of vitamins and minerals. Even if you change the amount of saturated fat in meat, all other nutrients will not go away and will still be harmful to your health. This is the case when the whole – the hamburger – is greater than the sum of its constituent parts – saturated fat, cholesterol, etc.


Many harmful substances enter our body along with animal food. To improve health, Campbell says, you need to cut back on meats and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat. But then another problem arises: the plant foods we eat are predominantly processed foods that often contain too many additives of fat, sugar and salt. For example, in the USDA National School Lunch Program, French fries are a vegetable!

Many might think that low-fat foods are a triumph of healthy eating, but what about the other nutrients in these foods? How about protein and cholesterol? It turns out that a low-fat lunch has twice as much protein and cholesterol as a regular lunch. And almost all of them come from animal products.

Many might think that low-fat foods are a triumph of healthy eating, but what about the other nutrients in these foods?

The author of Salt, Sugar and Fat, Michael Moss, draws our attention to our addiction to these ingredients. Scientists have shown that eating foods with salt, sugar, and fat energizes the brain’s pleasure center. We consider this food delicious and are ready to eat it all the time. And all large companies that offer their products in supermarkets are playing on this. By analogy with drugs, sugar is methamphetamine, which has a quick effect on the brain, and fat is an opiate. Thanks to the fat, tasteless chips turn into a crunchy miracle, toasted bread into silk slices, dirty gray cheap meat into exquisite delicacies.

And what is most interesting, we do not have a love for sweet, fatty and salty foods. Experiments have shown that children under 6 months of age do not like salt at all. But then the love for salt develops if they begin to feed him salty food. It turns out that we ourselves contribute to the emergence of bad eating habits. But, fortunately, we can avoid health problems by reviewing our diet.

Based on the books “Chinese Research” and “Salt, Sugar and Fat”.
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