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22 august 2018


Do you want to spend time with benefits for your body and mind? Download your audiobook, take your headphones with you, and go for a run. We attach a list of useful audiobooks, with you – sneakers and a desire 😉

Several years ago, author Rolf Dobelly began compiling his own collection of ways to think, tools for the good life. He used both the fund of already forgotten thinking methods from the ancient classics, and the latest achievements of psychological research. This is a book about the philosophy of life in the 21st century. Whatever you do, you will definitely find food for thought and useful ideas here.

The series “100 Ways to Change Life” was born from the column of the same name by Larisa Parfentieva. As soon as it appeared, this column caused a lot of responses. People began to write about how different stories help them move forward. In the books you will find inspiring stories, author’s techniques and a solid dose of motivation in order to drastically change your life for the better. A bonus for audio listeners is Larisa’s pleasant voice, because she voices her books herself.

Have you come across this – there are a lot of things planned, but there is not enough energy even for half of them. Monotonous loads lead to a breakdown and physical ailments. To prevent this from happening, our energy – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – must be learned to manage. The principles and techniques described in the book will explain how to do this.

This book is based on a revolutionary concept discovered by renowned psychologist Carol Dweck as a result of 20 years of his own research. From it you will learn: why intelligence and talent do not yet guarantee success; how, on the contrary, they can get in his way; why the promotion of intelligence and talent often jeopardizes achievement; and how to improve a child’s academic performance or manager’s productivity.

The learning process in most modern kindergartens, schools and even institutes does not sufficiently develop creativity, the ability to experiment, develop your ideas and borrow from others in order to generate your own. This can change the spiral of learning through creativity that children go through in kindergarten (imagine-do-experience and play with what was done-share with others-think about the results-imagine in a new way, and so on). These four principles are not appropriate for academic research alone. They will serve as a useful framework and guideline for educators, parents, and anyone else who is interested in one way or another in fostering learning through creativity.

The book is based on the largest study in the history of science of the relationship between eating habits and chronic disease. The “China Study” emerged after examining mortality statistics in 65 counties in China, which were collected at the initiative of Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, who was dying of cancer. This study identified over 8,000 significant relationships between nutrition and disease. The author of the book – the world’s largest expert in biochemistry – made a number of discoveries that have changed the views of the nutrition of millions of people.

Professor John Medina has formulated 12 principles of the brain, each of which we can use in our daily life. For example, every 10 minutes the brain needs a short break in order to further perceive information: and the author himself skillfully uses this rule, illustrating his book with stories and examples.

Barbara Sher, on the pages of her books, inspires change, helps to understand oneself, determine desires and find the strength to take the first step towards a happy life. Thousands of people around the world thank Barbara for her help. If you dream of a change but hesitate, here’s how to get started: Take one of Barbara’s books for a run and go! Audio versions of editions are available – “Dreaming is not harmful”, “What to dream about”, “It’s high time!”.

What if tomorrow any (or even every) area of ​​your life could miraculously change? What would be different? Would you be happier? Healthier? More successful? Would you be in better physical shape? Would you be richer? More energetic? The morning rituals suggested by the author of this book have helped tens of thousands of people change their lives, feel better, and do more. In this book, you will learn how the first hour of the day determines your success and allows you to reach your full potential.

Larry Senn’s Mood Lift concept has helped nearly a million people in 40 countries around the world. Our life is a mood elevator, and we are constantly moving between floors, periodically finding ourselves at the lowest (depression) or at the highest (euphoria, happiness). The metaphor of the elevator embraces human experience in all its diversity. Providing you with the key to understanding how to control these “rides” is the main purpose of this book.

This is not all. In fact, there are many more audiobooks. Choose →

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