Renat Shagabutdinov on the work on the book “Charged to 100%”

In early October, the book “100% Charged” was published on energy management, sports and health. It contains answers to the vast majority of questions related to energy management, health and recreational sports.

One of the authors of the book, Renat Shagabutdinov, is an assistant to the general director of the publishing house MIF. We turned to him for comment on the work on the book. We give the floor to Renat.

Actually, the idea belongs not to Eduard and me, but to Igor Mann 🙂 who, after the success of his “Life hack for every day” (co-authored with Farid Karimov) and the publication of our book “Business hack for every day” with him, offered me when we met at the MIF corporate party in at the end of December 2016, write a continuation of the series – “Fitness hack for every day”, a collection of tips for energy management, sports, health.

I did not put it in the box: I made a detailed mind map during the New Year holidays, sent it to Igor and quickly received his approval in response with a lot of valuable ideas and additions.

Then for some time the work on the book stalled, went in a sluggish mode, there was not enough magic kick, catalyst – and it happened in February, when I looked into Edward’s clinic to interview him on several specialized topics and get expert opinion for the book … But at the same time we looked at the entire mind map, which by that time had grown to a monster with a large number of tentacles (sections, subsections, life hacks), Edward liked it and we decided to write a book together. And after that, they organized a brainstorming session for an hour and a half and added a lot of sections and life hacks to the scheme.

A frame from the video on Instagram – from the first meeting about the book

It has become very much multilevel and complex. And the book was no longer just a collection of life hacks, but a source of basic information for everyone who wants to lead a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Renat Shagabutdinov on the work on the book
One of the leaflets is the result of a brainstorming session at the first meeting in February 🙂

Subsequently – already when preparing the layout of the book – the complex structure bothered me, I wanted to make a book with a suitable apparatus and easy navigation through all sections, topics and tips. And the editor and I, after discussing different options, came to a detailed table of contents.

Map with upper levels.  Renat Shagabutdinov on the work on the book
Upper Level Map

And then, after the first meeting, it remained to work, work and work.

We read professional literature in Russian and English, interviewed experts, studied magazines (on all trips I bought everything about running and health in English), my notes, presentations and notes. We bought sports nutrition and tested it, studied the formulations for compiling reviews.

We held meetings, reviewed the text, structure, discussed and made changes.

Expanded map at the end of the book.  Not everything fit.  Renat Shagabutdinov on the work on the book
Expanded map at the end of the book. Not everything fit

We met in the Eduard clinic (several times) and in Rosa Khutor after running through the mountains (here is my report) at the Rosa run festival, actively corresponded by mail and on Facebook.

I have done most of my work on airplanes and trains using the iPad mini. More was not required, it is always at hand, the main thing is to download books, articles and diagrams on the road. And fly often 🙂

And when everything was almost ready, the editor of the book, Svetlana, joined the work and offered an excellent idea for organizing the structure of the book, and also asked many questions about the text 🙂 and it turned out, as usual, that not everything was ready – there were many edits, additions and the final proofreading of the text by each of the co-authors. Of course, then work in Word was already started in edit mode.

And here is the result of all the work that went from January to September – on 384 pages under a bright hardcover. We hope it turned out to be interesting and useful.


Reviews of the book "100% Charged"

Cover reviews

This work only confirms the well-known proverb that a book is the best gift, even for a triathlete. I would call it a kind of encyclopedia of a modern and maximally healthy lifestyle – a storehouse of relevant and useful life hacks.

All information is arranged on the shelves, accessible and understandable. Thank you Renat and Edward! This is quality work.

Irina Shadrina, TV presenter, journalist, triathlete

Many thanks:

To the book editor Svetlana Motylkova for attention, interest, professionalism, help in developing the structure of the book. The authors of MYTH are lucky – they work with very strong editors.

Eduard for the interesting joint work.

To all the experts who shared their life hacks, experience, knowledge with us: Igor Nadezhdin, Alexander Bazanov, Ivan Nechaev, Boris Prokopyev, Dmitry Antonov, Alexey Kapusta, Sergey Kaplichny, Maxim Dorofeev, Vladimir Razuvaev, Alexey Panferov. It seems that I have not forgotten anyone – if anything, please forgive and write to me about it – I will be corrected 🙂

We will send you books shortly. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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