Proper nutrition in the new year: everything is easier than it seems

We start the new year with a simple knowledge of how to keep ourselves in good shape. These tips will be useful to all active people. It turns out that eating right is much easier than we think. To do this, you do not need to go into the jungle of all kinds of diets.

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Calorie content

The food we eat directly affects our energy levels throughout the day – yet we often find it difficult to figure out what to eat and what to give up. Many tend to be purely quantitative, such as counting calories. Unfortunately, calories don’t give us an idea of ​​the quality of food. A landmark study by Harvard University, in which scientists have monitored the health of more than 100,000 people for two decades, convincingly proves that the quality of what we eat is much more important than quantity.

What kind of foods we choose affects us more than the calorie content of the diet.

Our body cares about digesting 300 kilocalories of spinach or biscuits. Nevertheless, most people continue to believe in the old adage “everything is possible, but in moderation.” In the words of cardiologist and epidemiologist Dariush Mozaffaryan, this myth of moderation is actually “just an excuse, allowing you to fill your stomach with anything.”

Eating right is much easier when you start with the right food choices.

Instead of jumping from one trendy diet to another, choose the essential elements of a healthy diet and create a system that is easy to adhere to.

Start with basic principles:

– avoid fried,

– eat less refined carbohydrates,

– if possible, remove all types of sugar from the diet,

– when planning a meal, start by including vegetables in it,

– take whole fruits instead of sweets,

– Replace soda and other sweetened drinks with water, tea and coffee.

Yes, today there is a lot of debate about which food is healthy and which is harmful. But no one will ever tell you “eat more donuts and fewer apples.”

You don’t have to bury yourself in the jungle to eat right.

Build your nutrition on the right choice of basic foods – it’s not only convenient, but also enjoyable. Above all, eat more food that gives you maximum energy throughout the day. It’s much easier than following elaborate diets or exhausting yourself with ascetic practices.

You don't have to bury yourself in the jungle to eat right.

It is important to note that eating the right food for the sake of maintaining health and energy is not at all the same as trying to lose five pounds in a month. It takes the body a long time to respond to changes in nutrition, perhaps a year or more. It is important to choose what will give you more strength every day, so you will not be disappointed and will not get tired of waiting for long-term positive changes.

Make sense of every meal

Every bite we eat is a small but important choice. Every sip is the result of a decision. If you make choices that do more good than harm (for example, prefer vegetable salad to a burger), the resulting surplus gives your body a positive boost. If you reach for soda instead of a glass of water, the overall balance is steadily going negative.

Most meals contain both healthy and unhealthy ingredients: for example, if the nutrient content is high, they may contain excess sugar. Surely during the day you repeatedly eat foods that are far from ideal. But try to be the accountant of your own metabolism; Based on your knowledge of the composition of a particular food, ask yourself: am I eating it at a profit or at a loss to myself? Thinking about it regularly can help you make the right decisions before every meal.

Make sense of every meal

Most people have an excess of refined (processed) carbohydrates and a lack of protein in their diet. Extensive research on this topic shows that even a small increase in dietary protein (while reducing carbohydrates) improves well-being. A great way to forget about stereotypical calorie counting is to pay more attention to the amount of protein and carbohydrates.

Try at least not to eat anything that has five or more times less protein than carbohydrates.

For reference: most types of chips and flakes contain ten times more carbohydrates. A 2014 study by the University of Missouri found that protein intake in the morning increases the production of dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter that controls impulses and helps reduce our addiction to sugary and fatty foods.

If you skip breakfast, your body will start storing fat, which will cause your waist to creep over time. To stay lean and smart, it is very important to eat properly at the beginning of the day. Sugar-laden cereals and bars can give you an energy boost, but not for long. If, on the other hand, you choose foods with a low glycemic index in the morning, this will save you from sharp fluctuations in blood sugar during the day and help you choose healthier foods for lunch and dinner.

Try at least not to eat anything that has five or more times less protein than carbohydrates.

Avoid traditional breakfast cereals and opt for, for example, egg whites, berries, lean meats, salmon, nuts, seeds, vegetarian smoothies, or other foods without added sugar. By maintaining an optimal balance of carbohydrates and protein throughout the day, you will receive more energy and, over time, dramatically improve your health.

Another parameter to look out for is the total sugar content. Less is better. Our body does not need to add sugar to food at all – on the contrary, it is a toxin that provokes the development of many diseases.

Sugar substitutes are not much better; they keep you in the habit of very sugary foods.

Set reasonable standards

More often than not, in our eating habits, we follow the path of least resistance, choosing which is simpler. On the one hand, this is wrong, on the other hand, this quality of ours can be used to our advantage. If you make a list of healthy foods before going to the store, you can reduce the risk of giving in to the impulse and buying junk food. By the way, you have probably already heard that it is more correct to buy food on a full stomach, and not when you are hungry and ready to sweep everything off the shelves. Going to the nearest grocery, try to spend as much time as possible in the fresh food and fish sections.

Organize food in the refrigerator, pantry, and other places so that the most useful is closest and most convenient. And what is undesirable, it would be good to place where it still has to look. True, it is better to generally cleanse your house of everything that is not useful and seductive. Place fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods at eye level in the refrigerator, or simply place them on the table.

Set reasonable standards

Even if you are not going to eat them right now, the very sight of wholesome food will make you prefer it during the next meal. When you leave home, try bringing small portions of nuts, fruits, or vegetables with you. This way, even if you don’t have anything useful, you can always have a healthy snack. The more actively you plan your diet in advance, the less willpower you will need to overcome the temptation of the moment.

How to eat right, be healthy and active, says the new “Maximum charge”. The article was prepared based on the materials of the book.

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