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14 september 2018


There will be many running competitions in September. The largest are the Cross of Nations on September 16 and the Moscow Marathon on September 23. Made a selection of books for athletes who want to improve and get the most out of running. Learn how you can run for many days without sleep, get into the flow, and aim for more, like a triathlon.

Author of the famous flow concept, Mihai Csikszentmihalyi and co-authors, write about how to achieve a state of flow while running – both in training and in competition – so that you can enjoy more sports and perform better.

Do you dream to test your strength in triathlon? Here is the first complete guide to independent triathlon training, published in our country. It was written by one of the world’s most famous triathlon coaches, whose contribution to the development of this sport is comparable to Mendeleev’s contribution to chemistry. Now readers in Russia have access to the latest edition, written by Joe Friel completely from scratch, taking into account the latest training methods.

Most amateur runners don’t train properly. Matt Fitzgerald shows how elite runners train, why they do it, and why you need to train slower to compete faster. The 80/20 Rule is a training approach that can be summarized as follows: 80 percent of the training time should be run at light intensity, and the remaining 20 at medium to high intensity.

Do you want to go jogging but fear for your joints? Already running and suffering from injuries? Do you participate in events and want to win prizes? In any of these cases, a book by the famous coach and scientist Nikolai Romanov, who prepared the British triathlon team for the Olympic Games and conducts running seminars around the world, will help you.

A true and incredible story of the author’s transformation from a 40-year-old alcoholic into one of the best athletes in the world. By the time he was forty, Rich Roll was in terrible shape. The hardest exercise in sports was taking out the trash, and 22 extra pounds made climbing stairs a challenge. Rich knew it was time to change. He took up detoxification, switched to plant foods, and began to exercise more and more. After a while, Men’s Fitness magazine recognized Rich as one of the 25 strongest men in the world.

From the winner of the legendary Western States and Hardrock 100 races, everything you need to know to complete your first ultra marathon or break your personal best in 100 miles. During ultra marathons, you have no right to miss, so learn from your own mistakes. worth it.

The best running is natural, and you just need to correctly use those shock-absorbing abilities of the foot, which are naturally inherent in it. The book details all kinds of problems that runners can face, how they can be solved, and provides exercises and tips for choosing running shoes.

5 rules for the world’s toughest athletes to eat to help you improve your health and athletic performance. Nutrition plays a critical role not only in health but also in athletic performance. It is a mistake to believe that athletes who can withstand enormous loads and burn thousands of calories can afford to “eat as they please.” On the contrary, for adequate recovery and growth of fitness at this level, you need to eat very well.

An excellent book on sports psychology that you cannot tear yourself away from. Built on the stories of elite athletes, their mistakes and lessons. It will be interesting and useful to everyone – both amateur athletes and those who are not involved in sports for results.

Scott Jurek is an ultra-marathon runner, that is, he competes at distances longer than marathon distances, up to 200 miles. People don’t come to this sport all of a sudden. In general, one might say, this is not a sport, but philosophy, the perception of the world and oneself in it. Jurek’s philosophy can be briefly formulated as “do not harm nature, live in harmony with it and constantly strive for more.” And you will feel it in every line of his autobiography.

A comprehensive, scientific, accessible and structured sports nutrition guide for swimmers, runners, cyclists and triathletes. The book answers questions related to normal and sports nutrition, supplements, water and drinks, vitamins and minerals, nutritional tactics before, during and after training and competition.

How to run correctly, preserving and increasing your health. This book sets out the philosophy of jogging, as understood by Arthur Lidyard himself. From it you will learn why to run and exactly how to do it; how to slow down the aging process; what are the exemplary training programs and principles of proper nutrition. And at the same time, get acquainted with the history of the origin of this sport and the results of research.

This book is more about energy in general, but it has a lot of emphasis on sports. Co-author Renat Shagabutdinov is an amateur marathon runner. The book contains a lot of useful information on how to improve your results while avoiding injury. Including – reviews of the main categories of sports nutrition, running shoes, sports watches.

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