MIF sanatorium: useful habits of the publishing house employees

In early August, we launched the MIF Sanatorium course, in which, together with the authors of books and invited experts, we understand all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

We like this topic more than – many employees of our publishing house adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, regularly go in for sports and introduce good habits. And now we will tell you about it 🙂

Leila Sazontova, SMM

For several years I have been doing yoga and teaching it. I can talk a lot about why I love yoga, but in a nutshell, then: I feel that this is my secret of health – both mental and physical. And it also makes me better.

I had some health problems before yoga. But this year I did a full medical examination, which showed: I am COMPLETELY healthy, inside and out. Today, this is almost an exception in our insane world. Well, psychologically, as it is fashionable to say now, all gestalts are closed. Thanks to yoga.

For those who want to start, I sincerely advise you to take the time to find a good teacher, start with classes like Iyengar Yoga or Hatha Yoga for Beginners, listen carefully to your body and your feelings and read books on the topic. In MYTH, for example, there is “Mindfulness”, “Book of Joy”, “Peace in Every Step” and a wonderful children’s book “Playing Yoga”.

Yulia Skripnik, platform editor

I have been doing badminton for 13 years. There is little play in our world, work and everyday life. There are goals, task lists, colleagues. But there is no game. Badminton for me is an opportunity to play in tandem with a good partner, with excitement and fun to give physical relaxation to the body. Enjoy victories. Badminton is great fitness, for the brain as well. You can throw everything out of your head, except for the shuttlecock.

By the way, two of our books will tell you how to add a game to life: “Work as an Inner Game” and “Superbetter”.

Renat Shagabutdinov, Assistant to the General Director

I have been running since my student years – that is, 8-9 years, of which I have been running every day for the last three years. I have been participating in competitions since 2013.

Initially I started to run “for health”. And running gave an increase in the quality of life, vigorous recovery, good mood, productivity. Then he began to participate in competitions, there was excitement. And besides, jogging every day is a great opportunity to be alone with yourself, to think, to digest some problems, conflicts, work issues and find a solution.

If you want to start running, then buy jogging shoes. It is the cross-country ones. And start loading smoothly.

Great books for aspiring runners are Running with Lidyard and Running the 80/20 Rule.

Sergey Kaplichny, SMM

I have been boxing for a little over a year and a half. That is, I wake up at six in the morning, wash, dress, jump on the subway to start the most difficult workout of my life at 7.30. And so three times a week.

Almost every workout consists of three large parts. First, we warm up – we jump rope, run, do push-ups, knead all parts of the body, then we work out the blows – first on our own, then in pairs, and then we pump a certain muscle group – arms, legs, or general pumping. After that, sparring begins. Here we are already winding up the bandages, putting on gloves and helmets, putting mouthguards into our mouths and practicing blows, and then – free combat. After sparring, there is a hitch – we train the press, stand in a bar and go home.

I have already watched several dozen films about boxing, read the biography of Mike Tyson and many other materials about famous boxers, looked at several amateur fights live and hundreds in records. In general, I plunged into this sport from all sides and I’m damn happy with this state of affairs. In addition, I became much more comfortable in my own body.

I also find it funny the contrast between my main hobbies – books and boxing. I can’t help but smile when I think about it.

Vitalik Babaev, art director

I knew that my colleague Zhorik was running and noted somewhere in the depths of myself that he was great. I can’t do that, and it’s better not to think about it. But water wears away a stone, and accidents rule life.

In July 2016, I came to Zhorik in Vladikavkaz. And by chance I saw the book “Your First Marathon” on the couch. I started flipping through idleness and came across a U-turn that had a running plan for the first two weeks. The first lesson seemed to me so easy that I thought, why not. I took a picture of the spread on my phone.

We went to Batumi and in the evening, I say, let’s run today along the embankment along the Black Sea. And Zhorik is like: “Come on.” Well, we put on shorts and ran on the first exercise of the first week late at night. There, running for 1 minute, walking for 1 minute. and so on several times. Easily. After jogging, we took a dip in the sea. And after that, the miracle did not happen. On the trail. day I did not run and generally gave up on this lesson.

September 22 was some difficult moment in life and I wanted to be distracted. I got up, put on jeans and boots (there were no bodice and pants), went out the door into the darkness and rain. Well, I think it’s drizzling, but I’m already out. I won’t go back. And stupidly took two or three small steps and ran. The rain is drizzling, but it’s cool for me, I really fell in love with this state: drizzle and running (“I loved the sand”). I ran through the first exercise of the first week again.

I remember that after Batumi, a miracle did not happen and I realized that it was for one time. I came home high on the fact that I did it and it doesn’t matter what the weather and clothes are. Hmm, what can I do to run again? I decided that if I run for three months from September 22 to December 22, I can buy an Apple Watch. And I also came up with the idea of ​​doing physical training for runners (OFP) every day. Well, OK. I wrote a letter to Renat and said that I was running. Zhoriku told. All – you will not jump off. I decided that if I run for two weeks on schedule, I will buy myself cheap sneakers for 1,500 rubles, sweatpants, and a jacket.

And then I began to measure and record how much I run, when, how I feel. Began to paint over the days when I ran. I took a break only for illness, but then I made up for it. And in general it has become a part of my life. It became easier for me, I feel better. I just started to respect myself.

And Zhorik also told me that he was looking at me and did not give up either. Runs. And for me it may be more important than running myself – to inspire other people.

Dmitry Utrobin, executive director

I have been doing yoga for 12 years.

In general, yoga is a complex system that includes proper nutrition, constant practice and a certain lifestyle. If you want to do yoga, then first you need to decide on your motivation. Answer the question: “What do I want to get?” This could be:

– feel good

– stand in a beautiful asana

– hold your breath for 5 minutes

– solve health problems

– learn to concentrate

There are no right or wrong answers here if this answer is yours.

Once you have decided on a goal, you can start practicing. At first, it is easier to work in a group – like-minded people and a coach will help you move with advice and example. And besides, if the instructor and other participants share your goals, then it will only benefit you.

Then you can gradually add a little personal practice. Literally 20 minutes in the morning will be enough. And if you like it, then everything else will catch up on its own.

Don’t forget to celebrate small victories. Pay attention to your physical and emotional well-being, listen to yourself as often as possible and, if necessary, adjust goals.

Anastasia Makarova, Scrum Master

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 4 months. And before that I went to a rocking chair for about 7 years. And according to my feelings, 4 months of CrossFit affected my body more than 7 years of the gym.

What do these classes give me? Strengthening and development of my body. For example, I have been asthmatic for 5 years now. And all these 5 years I used an inhaler every 3-4 hours, otherwise I could not breathe at all. And now I have not been using it at all for two months and I feel like an ordinary person 🙂 My increased heart rate is no longer so high, during this time it fell by 10-15 beats per minute both at rest and during exercise. And I’m starting to recognize my body more and more, what it is capable of, what it lags behind, what it likes and what it doesn’t. And I really like CrossFit because it comprehensively develops the body, and does not lead you into any one industry like running or bodybuilding.

Where to begin? Find a sport that you enjoy and not be afraid to take the first step. And then everything will work out. For 6 years I looked at CrossFit athletes, I thought they were some kind of superhuman and all the time I was afraid to take the first step. But then I was lucky, I found an excellent coach with whom it was absolutely comfortable to work, and decided on the first lesson. And it turned out that this is not scary at all, you need to learn everything, you only need time and desire. And now I think about training most of my free time, do not miss it and wait for every one. Well, a good coach is very important. It is unlikely that you understand anatomy and physiology, the training process, technique and all other necessary things. If not for my coach, I would have walked with an inhaler and a pulse of 90 at rest. But this is the work of two people and it leads to cool results.

What about the books? Essentialism is about focusing on the most important things that sport and your body can be. “Awareness” is about harmony with oneself. “100% charged” – short and to the point about everything. “Closer to the body” is also about harmony with oneself and love for one’s body. And then I will add. Do not set the goal of “losing weight” from sports. You can be thin and sick, or thin but flabby, or thin, but in a month everything will be returned. Going in for sports that you love, you will already get in good physical shape, lose excess. But it’s important to be healthy and happy and to love what you do.

Ekaterina Tikhonova, PR

I’ve been running for a little over two years. At first I was just curious, but after several attempts my knees began to hurt and I quit this activity.

After some time, I decided to return to running, as my body wanted some kind of physical activity. I prepared myself, read literature and this time I liked it much more. Running excellently relieves my head – when I’m tired and difficult to cope with work tasks, I go out and run, my head clears up and interesting solutions come.

In the winter I went to Vietnam. There I decided to continue training, and in order to have an incentive, I decided to prepare for the half marathon. And in May I successfully overcame it.

The book “80/20 Rule Running” helped me in preparation, which changed my approach to jogging and taught me how to properly distribute the load. I prepared a workout plan, started to warm up and cool down, and learned to enjoy running.

Now I continue to run. I recently ran 10 km in St. Petersburg, and in September I plan to run another half marathon.

Subscribe to the course “MIF Sanatorium”, talk about your sports exploits on social networks with the hashtag #MIF sanatorium and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Good luck!

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