Microbes are friends, a reactor of immunity and doctors of the future. How to deal with the epidemic of sterility

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Microbes are friends, a reactor of immunity and doctors of the future. How to deal with the epidemic of sterility

26 december 2018


The immune system is thought to be compromised by allergens, infections and toxic pollutants that trigger autoimmune diseases. Moises Velasquez-Manoff, author of The Sterility Epidemic, argues that there is a simpler model for the onset of immune disorders. Simply put, it is the sterility of the external and internal environment. Below are 8 thoughts on this topic.

Microbes microbes strife

The microbes that benefit us the most come from biologically active soil and from animals. Modern homes are almost completely devoid of these “beneficial” microbes. As you know, nature hates emptiness. While we think we have succeeded in creating microbial-free zones, some evidence suggests that modern homes are actively cultivating the germs that cause disease in us.

You may have heard of Sick Building Syndrome (people living or working in such a building are constantly unwell). Scientists have found toxic bacteria in every nook and cranny of these buildings. In addition, she found harmful microbes in kindergartens and schools. But these microbes are not found in nature, and this is their main difference.

Open the window

Paradoxically, centrally air-conditioned buildings such as hospitals are rife with pathogenic bacteria. Opening a window and letting in germs from the street will literally make the environment healthier.

Unprocessed foods

One study found that expectant mothers who eat a Mediterranean diet during pregnancy (high levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, abundant fiber from fruits, vegetables and legumes) have babies with a reduced risk of developing asthma.

Store milk and cow milk are different milk. A source

Likewise, in Central Europe, the consumption of unpasteurized milk, butter and yogurt by a mother during pregnancy consistently protects children from allergic diseases.

Immune system reactor

The human body is a whole world in which significant efforts are spent on cooperation with other organisms. The gut (perhaps the most important organ of the immune system) is the main control center of this whole project, the reactor that sets the tone for the functioning of the immune and metabolic system in all directions. Consequently, the composition and dynamics of the community of living organisms that inhabit the gut have far-reaching consequences.


Perhaps the most important principle of the immune system – peacekeeping is an active process, not an absence of a process. Balance is not a default parameter, but an ability that needs to be developed.

What is allergy

Allergic diseases can be perceived as a mechanism for fighting parasites, which, in the absence of real parasites and key microbes, gets out of control. Autoimmune diseases can be considered as a process of protecting and ensuring the vital activity of tissues, which, due to weak regulatory oversight, becomes self-destructive.


Doctors of the future will begin to focus on disease prevention, a process that will begin as early as pregnancy. The doctor will determine your genotype and look at the family history of medical conditions. It will determine your genetic predisposition to autoimmune and allergic diseases. He will analyze the indicators of inflammation and regulation. With all this information in mind, your doctor will start stimulating your immunity during (or even before) pregnancy, not necessarily for your own sake, but rather for your unborn baby. The package of measures will include changing the diet, taking probiotics and prebiotics, and maybe even transplanting fecal microbiota. The doctor will do everything possible to ensure that the fetus develops in a favorable immunological environment.

In the future, doctors will not so much treat as prevent disease. A source

When the baby is born, the doctor will ensure that the baby is colonized with the correct microbes in the correct sequence and will ensure that when the baby grows up, it has a diverse, healthy, and resilient microbiota.

Jungle and tiger

The main rule is that it is impossible to save a tiger without saving the jungle in which it lives, and everything that is there, from microorganisms living in the soil to ants and trees. All this forms a single integrated structure. Therefore, in order to preserve the right microbes around you, it is necessary to form a proper ecosystem. This does not mean that you need to go back to Dickens’s mud or even to the splendor of the Paleolithic with an abundance of worms and lice. There are many trade-offs and ample scope for using intelligence and sensitivity.

Based on the book “The Epidemic of Sterility”

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