Meals without SMS: salt, oil, sugar

Well, let’s get it straight, which of us at least once did not want to lose weight? And someone even succeeded. Yitzhak Adizes, for example. His approach to dieting and share.

Is it time to lose weight?

According to the medical definition, being overweight is some kind of indicator that reflects the ratio of height to weight, or the amount of adipose tissue. And if you have this very excess weight, you must lose it, otherwise …

This “different” sounds ominous: illness, premature death, inability to fit in standard seats and, most likely, a rather miserable sex life.

Are you wondering what could be worse? So you need to lose weight. But how?

Go on a diet.

Good. On what?

After trying a dozen diets, I found one that works – vegan SMS. No meat, fish, poultry, eggs, salt, sugar or fat.

At 73, I lost 15 pounds in a month.

And what about the “side” effects?

It started in Santa Rosa, California, where I spent a month at True north health Center practicing living on a strict vegan diet – no SMS. Only on fruits and vegetables, as well as on carbohydrates – potatoes, rice and other grains.

I went there to get rid of the high blood pressure. From Santa Rose through San Francisco and Houston, I flew to Moscow. In Russia, I spent a week of intense problem-solving sessions for 30 Russian managers, communicating through a simultaneous interpreter. It was hard. Then I flew to Mexico for the Adizes conference in Guadalajara.

Do you think that I was tormented by a violation of the circadian rhythms? No, this time, for the first time in my life (and I have been flying for 40 years already), I did not feel the consequences of changing time zones and, having arrived in Mexico, immediately got involved in the work.

And at night I slept perfectly for eight hours. I usually sleep poorly due to jet lag and feel overwhelmed for several days.

I wondered: what caused this change?

After a week of daily meetings at a conference in Guadalajara, I flew to another Mexican city – Monterrey to work with an international billionaire company. I needed to help 30 Mexican top managers solve their problems, for which I had to communicate with them in Spanish.

More work. More stress. And there is no fatigue! I am full of strength. What’s the matter?

After graduating in Monterrey, I flew to India, to New Delhi. It was a long flight. First I flew to Houston, then took another flight to Newark, New Jersey. After waiting there for a while, I boarded the plane, preparing for the 13-hour journey to India.

I should have been half-dead by then, right? Nothing like this! I was still overwhelmed with energy. I was ready to get to work as soon as I landed.

I wondered: what the hell is going on? And suddenly I realized: it’s a matter of diet! I ate vegetables, a lot of green vegetables.

Business approach to diet

Well well! Ask any person which gives more strength – meat or vegetables, he will answer – meat. People believe that meat provides more energy because it has more calories than vegetables. But if you apply a business approach, it becomes clear that it is not revenue that counts, but profit, which means that expenses will have to be taken into account.

In the diet, the same principle works as in the business world: meat gives a lot of energy, that’s for sure, but think about how much energy it takes to digest and absorb it? How much of it will you have left for the case? Almost nothing. That is why you are so sleepy after eating a heavy meat meal.

On the contrary, vegetables contain few calories, but little is spent on assimilating them, which leaves plenty of energy for your business.

Wow! This is the discovery! More than 200 days a year I fly from one time zone to another, spending many days in each. At the same time, I always felt chronic fatigue. And at 73, I found a spring of youth, a source of energy. Listen everyone! These are vegetables! No sauces, oils, sugar or animal products.

How easy is it to stick to a vegetable diet? The first three weeks are very difficult. But after 21 days, when your taste buds get used to it, you will like the taste; There is nothing more exquisite than the true, natural taste of plant foods.

PS If you want to start a plant-based diet – look at the “China Study in Practice”, there are many valuable ideas.

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