Mantras. What is their value?

Many are intimidated by singing outside their own bath. When people in the audience are invited to sing mantras, the majority of them round their eyes. At first it seems like this, I will sing, and even in front of everyone, and even repeat strange, unusual words for the Russian ear. But it only seems to be. As soon as you start singing, you immediately plunge into pleasant sensations. Chanting mantras is a journey to oneself through voice activation. From the desire to pronounce every word correctly, to gaining the self-confidence that we suddenly encounter. When we live in fear, our bodies retain a lot of unnecessary tension. Often the throat ligaments become compressed and this leads to an inability to fully express oneself, one’s feelings and emotions. This stems from the fact that in life we ​​very often have to restrain our impulses, when we were silent at school, when we felt fear, or uncertainty expressing desires to our partner, or family members, or even at work.

Mantra – in Hinduism: a sacred spell repeated many times, to which a magical healing and spiritualizing power is attributed.

Signs of mantras

  • the sound of mantras cannot be changed;
  • the order of elements in mantras cannot be changed (special structure: bija-sound, as a rule, comes at the beginning, but in tantric mantras also at the end of the spell);
  • mantras are not meaningful sentences – they do not contain meaningful expressions, and they do not create a language, but they obviously follow grammatical rules (syntax dominates semantics);
  • the dissemination and transmission of mantras often occurs without the tradition of explaining the meaning of these formulations.

The practice of chanting mantras is medicine. It does not require extraordinary singing abilities, super voice, and correct pronunciation. Singing opens our throat chakras, allowing creativity to express freely.

Chanting mantras is very beneficial for emotional and physical health. Even science has proven that positive vibrations have a positive effect on water molecules, plants, animals, and also on our own consciousness. Just as positive thinking and Sanskrit mantras have a tremendous effect on our body. Due to repeated repetition, mantras move deeper into our consciousness, filling them with positive thanks to vibrations.

Vibration is the frequency of the universal life force, as the ancient Rishis believed. They practice chanting mantras in conjunction with silence meditations.

Diseases in our body are caused by stress when our brain emits beta waves. Counteracting these brainwaves with a mantra changes the structure of synapses in our brain, which means that as new connections are made, old ones die. Mantras work with both vibration and intention. For example, there are mantras with the intention to heal, implying that its vibrational quality is at a frequency that shifts the energy field of healing and integrity. We all know of course that there are mantras for attracting money, luck, love and much more. To do this, we need intention.

“Intention” is a conscious movement of energy, therefore the practice of using this movement, with the sounds of chanting Sanskrit mantras, is a powerful tool for changing the energy state.

Chanting mantras is an invaluable practice of self-control. They work through vibration, which is the core essence, and creates life within us and outside. By repeating mantras, we reconstruct our inner worlds, thanks to which we create masterpieces from the outer ones.

The four main aspects of chanting mantras are:

  • Bhava – means attitude;
  • Intention -conscious movement of energy;
  • Naad-sound stream or tone;
  • Ucharana-correct pronunciation.

Intention combined with the energy value of a mantra has the power to move your vibrations in the right direction.

Yoga uses mantras, breathing, and repetitive movements to create a meditation that directs the mind in a positive direction. Science confirms that the world vibrates at different frequencies.

Now it becomes clear why we say “strong mantras” or “powerful mantras”, since any mantra is initially strong in its essence, binjami – a short syllable, the seed that contains the very essence of the mantra.

Many mantras are so short that they only consist of binj. These mantras include:

  • The powerful mantra OM, or AUM, which contains the essence of the universe;
  • Ram is a powerful mantra for getting protection, getting rid of fears, it also strengthens and improves digestion;
  • Hrim is one of the most powerful mantras, considered pranava, that is, standing on a par with the mantra AUM;
  • Shrim is a powerful mantra associated with the goddess Mahalakshmi, the patroness of wealth. The chanting of this syllable will accompany the acquisition of material wealth, but it also helps to improve health and is closely related to creativity, this syllable is also directly related to Venus and the Moon, and they are responsible for the feminine principle and patronize the arts;
  • Hum is a strong mantra for protection from negative influences, and if the negative has already touched you, then using this mantra will help correct the situation, because this mantra is associated with Shiva and can help replenish wasted energy and restore mental balance.

All mantras in the world are powerful. If you practice them correctly, in accordance with the situation in which this mantra is used, it will work for you. The mantra will become your constant helper in all your endeavors and will contribute to both physical and spiritual purification. You can sing one of my favorite mantras here.


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