Is it possible to lose weight without playing sports

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Is it possible to lose weight without playing sports

6 October 2020


It so happened that the first book that fell into my hands and “into work” when I got a job at MYTH was David Perlmutter’s bestseller Food and the Brain. I will note that before that, the amount of literature on this topic and genre I read was approximately zero. Therefore, the natural reaction of the mind was the desire to check how much the “exposure” of gluten and carbohydrates presented by a famous neurologist and nutritionist was true. In general, writing articles about books that you don’t believe is bad manners.

Chupa Chups

Memory helpfully chanted “Bread is for everything!”, But critical thinking in a whisper suggested that sometimes proverbs needed crash tests. I decided to give it a try.

In addition, my previous life and professional period, associated with physical activity and the work of the nervous system, has ended, as they say, for wear and tear. In this light, the home office seemed bliss and a gift of fate. Therefore, my hated “beer” belly immediately grew (even though I have not drunk beer at all for many years), and my chin began to hint at its doubling.

The most comical thing at the same time was that in general I remained very thin – an unshakable 66 kg “in heat and cold, in sorrow and joy.” This is below the accepted norms, but I felt absolutely comfortable (and was in shape – for example, a personal best on the horizontal bar of 22 pull-ups), so I did not follow any dietary rules. And suddenly – a belly! One of my acquaintances, who was “very pregnant”, but very thin, was jokingly called “chupa-chups” by friends for the uniforms.

I began to call myself the same. My body weight approached 73 kg, and almost all of this 7-kilogram surplus for some reason settled on the pediment of the waist.

Do I need to clarify that I read “Food and Brain” with personal interest.

Gluten and carbohydrates

The book describes the harmful effects of gluten and carbohydrates on the brain and overall health. Perlmutter’s recommendations are extensive and comprehensive, and nutritional advice is given in conjunction with physical activity and sleep patterns.

But first, remember I was talking about bliss? I didn’t want any workouts, jogging, or even exercise. Yes, at that moment I just dreamed of sitting on the couch and reading books. Secondly, an inner voice teased in the style of “Well, you are not a fit baby, why are these exhausting troubles?”

Therefore, I chose a simple, like a crowbar, male option: I took only one parameter (but the main one) and checked it.

I gave up bread and sugar.

The mechanism of their detrimental effects on the brain, intestines and body will not fit in a few lines, moreover, this description is not the purpose of my article. You can read about them in the book itself or in our blog. For me personally, the clarity turned out to be superior to compelling and mega-sensible arguments. Namely, the simple example of wheat flour described by Perlmutter.

You need to make a ball of dough the size of a walnut and knead it under running water.

You need to make a ball of dough the size of a walnut and knead it under running water. After a few minutes, a sticky and stringy lump of protein gluten will remain in your fingers. It is this difficult-to-digest “gum” that clogs the villi of the small intestine, preventing the normal absorption of nutrients.

It’s time to share your results.

Kilogram per month

In 7 months I was back to my norm. It turned out minus 1 kilogram per month. I didn’t go to the gym, jog in the morning, or even exercise. I just didn’t eat flour and sweets. It was not easy, because gluten and sugar are one of the main food “drugs”, the most powerful addiction, despite the fact that in our food culture, it is formed from childhood. I confess that four or five times I gave up slack and ate a nightly slice of pizza or a coveted street hot dog 🙂 And also ice cream. But the stomach is drawn in, that’s the main thing.

Now I do not follow a strict diet, although I still limit myself to sugar and bread. And to maintain my weight, I bought a treadmill. If you are too lazy to go outside, you can open a window and run at least a couple of kilometers at home. Because, of course, being sybaric is good, but in moderation, and sport is not gluten, and you cannot refuse it.

And also because it is much easier to maintain order than to fix a mess. Checked on myself.

Based on the book “Food and Brain”.

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