In harmony with the cycle – in harmony with yourself: recipes, yoga and medical advice for women’s health

Well, here comes menstruation again! This means pains, cramps, swelling and mood swings … Why is the period such a test for us? And could it be otherwise?

The book “In harmony with the cycle” was written by three women who fought for their women’s health and won. Will she explain what actually happens every month in our complex body? How can proper nutrition affect the different phases of the cycle? What is good for a woman? Finally, how can you relieve sore periods?

It is a true guide to the world of women’s health – with simple and beautifully designed recipes, yoga exercises, advice from doctors and nutritionists, and mindfulness practices.

There is everything here to understand: women’s health is a gift. And now you will learn how to take care of him.

Three stories, one book

How are nutrition and our cycle related? What happens to female hormones during each of its phases? What is beneficial for our health? What helps to relieve pain, fight cramps, migraines and mood swings?

Three women took up the search for answers – Andrea, Denise and Verena. Each of them has its own story.

Charming authors of the book. Hereinafter, illustrations from the book

Andrea, a culinary and graphic designer, lost one ovary at the age of 8. At 29, she was threatened with the removal of the second. Today she is a happy mother of a little daughter.

Verena, a caregiver, personal growth consultant and choreographer, has been taking birth control pills for several years, and at 23 she learned that contraceptives and other problems almost led to infertility.

Denise, a yoga instructor, suffered from abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and swollen lymph nodes from her first menstrual period. Today she lives in harmony with her cycle.

Together with a gynecologist, nutrition coach and phytotherapist, the girls decided to understand all the intricacies of the female cycle and, by their example, showed how to enjoy every day harmoniously and without unnecessary stress.

From recipes to yoga

The book turned out to be sincere, beautiful and informative. A team of eight specialists worked on it. Under the cover:

– recipes for delicious and healthy dishes that will help take care of the body in different phases of the cycle, alleviate abdominal pain, migraines and mood swings

– yoga exercises that promote relaxation, improve the menstrual cycle, improve well-being and gain inner harmony

– recommendations from nutritionists and mindfulness practitioners.

BANANASANA, banana pose. It has a beneficial effect on the female body and is ideal for ending a busy day at work. Can be done right in bed before bed

Live without pain

Of the 111 women the authors interviewed for this book, 94 view menstruation as a burden. And that’s almost 85 percent!

Our perception of the menstrual cycle depends on how we were taught its essence in childhood. If the girl is told about this side of the female self with love and joy, it will have a beneficial effect on her consciousness. The negative manifestations of menstruation will be perceived more calmly and occur much less frequently.

No, menstruation is not a disease. No, cramps and malaise are not at all a fate that every woman must patiently endure. No, feeling bad on critical days is not an integral part of femininity. There are many positive aspects to the menstrual cycle. Specially selected nutrition, self-love and a positive, mindful approach to life are the keys to normalizing the female cycle.

Proper nutrition and a conscious attitude towards your body is what the female body needs

Pictured: fruit salad with crispy nut sauce. Recipe from the book

Feminine food

Did you know that ginger contains substances that are part of aspirin, avocado increases libido, and raw cocoa improves mood and reduces abdominal pain? This book is a kind of intuitive guide, targeting different needs during a cycle.

The recipes in the book are broken down into different phases of the cycle. The authors have repeatedly tested them themselves. Cooking is easy, and treating and enjoying is even easier.

Tomato soup with milk foam, rainbow rolls, delicate ice cream with lavender and orange, non-alcoholic citrus mojito with ice cubes … The recipes are not only healthy, but also impeccably decorated and beautifully photographed. Just drooling!

How to improve your well-being? To cook a favorite dish

Tea mixture for painful menstruation

To relieve your condition, make a healthy tea. Take herbs: yarrow, cuff, chamomile, cinquefoil, lavender flowers, caraway seeds. Crush the caraway seeds in a mortar. Mix the herbs in equal parts. Pour boiling water over two teaspoons of chopped herbs, cover and leave for 10 minutes. Drink two to three cups daily between the five days before your period and until it ends. Repeat the technique for three cycles.

Herbal tea has a beneficial effect on the female body

Breathing loop

Breathing can relieve pain and stress. Try a breathing loop.

Close your eyes and consciously feel the air pass through your nose. Inhale and feel the abdominal wall rise. Exhale through the nose, the abdominal wall descends. Consciously following your own breath, catch small pauses of silence between its flows. Again, breathe in deeply but naturally through your nose.

If PMS is accompanied by unpleasant manifestations, your “first aid kit” must have a breathing loop

As soon as you feel the impulse to change the direction of your breathing, breathe out calmly. You strengthen all energy flows, free up space in the head, relax muscle tissues, which means that you feel lightness, fullness and closeness to yourself.

Conscious and careful handling of your body and soul is the key to well-being. By listening to ourselves, we can learn a lot. First of all, trust your body and its signals. Make peace with your body, get closer to yourself and take responsibility for your own health and well-being.

Based on the book “In harmony with the cycle”.

Article cover: illustration from the book.
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