How to live so as not to get sick: scientific facts and love

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How to live so as not to get sick: scientific facts and love

15 april 2020


A couple of years ago, we had an excellent book, Simple Rules, about how simplicity and logic help in difficult times. Today’s one is also about simple rules. But to maintain health and immunity.

While this book will not change self-isolation or hygiene, it does four steps to help you strengthen your immune system and reduce stress.

The authors, Dean and Ann Cornish, created a 9-week wellness program – in the lifestyle medicine paradigm. The risk factors underlying diseases are eliminated through lifestyle changes. And all this is based on science: links to research in a book of 24 pages.

Science for health

“Therapist Dr. Robert Troygerz suffered a severe heart attack and was offered the only way to survive – a heart transplant. While Troygerts was waiting for the donor organ, he went through our program to be in the best shape for the operation. Ten weeks later, his condition improved so much that no transplant was needed … ”.

This is one of the stories of the authors, spouses Dean and Ann Cornish. They have developed a drug-free wellness program. Tens of thousands of people have passed it – in the States, many insurance cover the costs of it. And Dean, in addition to founding the Institute of Preventive Medicine, is involved in public health: he was appointed to various positions by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

What is the essence of the program? In short: eat better, move more, strain less, and love more. Ta-dam!

This is Dean and Ann Ornish. Their research has shown that changing lifestyle can even induce regression of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, depression and many others.

The program has four very simple components. Together, they affect the causes of disease. Imagine that a stone has hit your boot. You can blame him, drink painkillers, have an operation to remove nerves. Or you can just shake out the stone. What’s smarter?

Slow down aging

Together with Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, who shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discoveries of telomeres, the Corniches conducted the study. It showed that by changing their lifestyle the way they advise, people change the length of their telomeres.

Why is it important. The telomere is the “end” of the chromosome. Like plastic ends on laces that prevent the ends from frizzing. Telomeres protect DNA from damage. And with age, they become shorter and are destroyed, so the cells do not work as they should and die faster. In general, telomeres are shortened – life is shortened.

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Three months after the patients began to adhere to the healthy lifestyle program, the content of the enzyme that lengthens telomeres and “repairs” them increased by 30%. And five years later, the telomeres of these people became 10% longer, despite the fact that the rest, on the contrary, were shortened by 3%. Essentially, this is the reverse of aging at the cellular level. It looks curious.

Deep relaxation practice

An important point of the program is work with stress. The perception of stress affects us much more than what actually happens. The more acutely we experience a certain situation, the more we “undermine” our health. Sound familiar?

Peace of mind does not come from the outside – it exists within us until we ourselves break it.

Use deep relaxation practice to reduce stress and anxiety. Sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes and mentally walk your entire body, contracting and relaxing one muscle after another. Start with the feet, then go to the shins, thighs – and so on to the very top of the head. Fill each part of the body with air as you inhale, and then release the tension as you exhale. It works. Try it today.

From brain to heart

When his wife asked Dr. Robert Troigerts, whose story began today’s letter: “What do you say if you are asked how this program differs from others?” The answer was: “I would say that the difference is 45 cm from the brain to the heart.”

Whenever your brain decides to change a behavior, your heart follows it. And after that, the lifestyle and health change.

Here’s what you’ll read about in the book:

  • Why is immunity impaired
  • Can genes be changed
  • How to do stretching and other exercises correctly
  • About meditations – in movement, contemplation, word and breath
  • About empathy, the ability to show love and spiritual practices
  • Why do “breakdowns” of cells occur?

… 465 pages about medicine that can turn diseases back.

This book is the quintessence of forty years of scientific research and equally long clinical experience. And its whole essence boils down to a simple rule: it is natural to be healthy, happy and live in harmony with yourself. Treat yourself with care.

Based on the book “Diseases are canceled.”

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