How to become healthier and happier in just 24 hours

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How to become healthier and happier in just 24 hours

17 october 2018


You’ve probably heard Lao Tzu’s words that a journey of thousands of kilometers begins with one step. And you can take this step today. The book Closer to the Body will tell you how to become a healthy and happy person, simply by starting to respect your body.

Philosophy of love

Here are two startling facts about happiness: you are the master of your own happiness to a much greater extent than you think, and hardly anyone outside can make you happy.

Change the direction of your movement if it doesn’t make you happy. Forget about calorie calculators, guilt after eating dessert, dieting and grueling workouts.

Even if it seems impossible to you now, accept and love your body. Even if it seems to you that you eat the worst of all in the world, even if you have been for years – or never! – did not play sports and will not be able to name any of your healthy habits, you can still improve your health and become happy. Dedicate at least 24 hours to your body and soul to understand how things can change.

Perfect day

9:30 pm Sleep a full eight hours. After that, you will have enough energy to cope with tasks and feelings of hunger.

7:00 Have sex in the morning. You will relax and your mood will lift.

8:30 am Bring lunch and snacks from home to work, as well as a bottle of water. You will have your favorite food, energy “dressing” at hand, not to mention saving money!

10:00 During the day, drink water that is vital for every cell in the body. Count by adding gum to the glass as you refill it. Your goal is 6-8 gum a day.

12:00 PM Take a lunch break to eat without being distracted by other activities. Find a comfortable place indoors or outdoors, alone or with friends. And no talk about work at this time!

14:00 Organize a meeting “on your feet” during a walk – this will give creative energy and improve your mood.

15:30 Afternoon snack. If you feel hungry, enjoy your snack in peace. Do not “throw” food in yourself, while hurrying to finish an urgent matter

4:30 PM Take a break from work to restart your brain. Take a few deep breaths in and out and name one thing for which you are grateful to fate.

18:30 Leave work on time. After a busy day, it’s time to take care of yourself. Work will be patient until tomorrow!

19:00 Make your heart beat faster. Go for a ten-minute walk, a wellness run, and a yoga class. At worst, jump in place! Add movement to the passing day!

19:30 Eat dessert after dinner. By deliberately allowing yourself to eat “forbidden” foods, you will avoid compulsive overeating.

20:00 Do something nice. Plan your vacation. Dedicate time to a hobby. Hug someone tightly. Play with your dog.

Keep making yourself happy

Perhaps you have a list of habits in your head that you would like to strengthen or acquire, as well as an understanding of how this or that choice suits your preferences and character. Your task is to get rid of inappropriate options. Bring any simple change to life – right now, if possible. Quick success increases motivation. Follow the decisions you make for a week or a month. Pay attention to how they affect energy levels and mood.

Sometimes it seems to us that day-to-day decisions do not greatly affect long-term goals. Don’t be fooled: they are the ones who create habits.

Based on the book Closer to the Body.
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