How to be charged 100%?

How do you feel at the end of the day? Cheerful or squeezed like a lemon? If you are one of those people who cannot live and work normally without a few cups of coffee a day, then it would be nice to figure out where all the energy goes and how to restore it.

I have read the book by my colleague Renat Shagabutdinov “100% Charged” and I want to share with you a few important rules on how to keep up with everything and be energetic throughout the day. The book includes life hacks in three areas: energy, health and sports, and will be useful to absolutely everyone.

So what do you do to be 100 percent charged?

Get enough sleep

Without a doubt, we all know that you need to get enough sleep every day to feel healthy and vigorous. Why is this so important? There is no better way to restore the energy spent during the day than just go to bed. All other methods of increasing energy will be useless if you sleep for a maximum of 3-4 hours daily. If you think you can sleep off the weekend and make up for your lack of sleep, then this is not an option. A daily 8-hour sleep is the key to a great and vigorous day.

For quality sleep, be sure to follow these guidelines:

– Avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks in the afternoon.

– Do not sit in gadgets before going to bed (because of bright light, the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, decreases).

– Upload all work tasks from your head to paper, organizers and task lists in advance.

– Take it as a rule – you can only sleep in the bedroom! Do not work or eat in the bedroom. Then it will be much easier for you to fall asleep in bed, since the body will immediately tune in to sleep.

If you have the opportunity to sleep for 15-20 minutes during the day, then be sure to set aside time for this. Sleeping during the day will greatly increase your productivity.


Take breaks from work

If you work for many hours without interruption, then by the end of the day you will be so tired that you can hardly do something as quickly as if you were doing it with a fresh mind. This is similar to a story where a lumberjack unsuccessfully saws a tree with a blunt saw. When he was told that if he sharpened the saw, things would go faster, he only replied: “I have no time to sharpen the saw. We must cut the tree! ” Therefore, do not forget to “sharpen the saw” from time to time, namely, to take breaks. Of course, in total you will work less if you take frequent breaks, but the quality of your work will greatly increase.

To prevent breaks from flipping through private messages and mail, the authors advise you to do the following:

– Get up from the chair and walk around, stretch your legs. Walk at least to the water cooler and drink some water at the same time.

– Stretch and do a little gymnastics of the eyes, arms.

– During your lunch break, have lunch in cafes that are farther from the place of work.

– Call a friend, listen to music or read a book.

Most importantly, relax and disconnect from work.

Skip the news and limit your time on social media

In order not to waste your attention in vain and not be distracted by useless things – give up watching the news feed and limit the time spent in social networks. Also, try turning off notifications on all gadgets. Let them call you on your cell if something is urgent. This will help you focus on the task at hand.

Attention, as a resource, has its limits, and instead of wasting it on all sorts of trash, it is better to spend it on studying fundamental and useful information. And to keep abreast of the latest news, choose 20% of the media for yourself, where there is 80% of the necessary and interesting content.

If you often go to social networks “for only five minutes” and end up freezing for an hour, then the authors suggest using the following – install the StayFocusd browser add-on. It automatically stops access to all prohibited sites from your list if you exceed the time spent on them. For everyone who is still finding it difficult to limit themselves in this on their own, it will be very useful.

Meditate every day

Many business and personal development books recommend meditating every day. And for good reason. During meditation, we can distract ourselves from restless thoughts, worries and calm down. Many books have been written about meditation. In the books Mindfulness and Silence, you can find various breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques that will help you make meditation a daily habit, as well as show the benefits of the process itself.

You don’t have to shave your head and sit for hours in the lotus position to start meditating. It is very easy to integrate meditation into your schedule, because even 15 minutes is enough to feel all its benefits. To get started, take just a few minutes of this process after waking up or during your work break. Try to increase the meditation time over and over again. The easiest way is to concentrate on your breathing. Inhale, exhale. Even if you get distracted, it’s not scary. Just concentrate on your breathing again. You may or may not be able to catch the feeling of absolute calm. It will get better and better over time.

Meditate every day

Go in for sports

Only the lazy did not talk about the benefits of regular sports. Here’s a tip: just get started. Whether you choose team sport, strength training or running, the main thing is that you have a heart for this sport. If you haven’t decided yet, try, experiment and feel free to throw whatever you don’t like. It is important that you feel pleasure and cause internal excitement and amateur competitions, and people who are passionate about this sport, and the process itself – everything that surrounds this activity.

And to make it easier to get started, get your friends involved in your workouts. Joint training is good for two reasons. Firstly, you will be ashamed to walk and not show up when there is an agreement with your friends. Secondly, the process becomes more pleasant: while talking about sports and life, long workouts go much faster. And in running, for example, it is easier to keep pace in a group than alone.

For even more tips on how to exercise, eat right, and stay alert throughout the day, see the book 100% Energized.

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