How not to get sick. Five Virus Vaccine Tips

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How not to get sick. Five Virus Vaccine Tips

11 february 2020


While the coronavirus is sweeping the world, we are attacked by flu, colds and other “winter” diseases. Even at school they say that it is necessary to wash their hands more often, to visit less public places. We will tell you about the tips following which you can strengthen the immune system and get sick less.

Vaccine No. 1 “Antistress”

Stress literally breaks your immune system. The body’s defenses are reduced when you feel tired and in a bad mood. In addition, every viral disease we have ever suffered leaves viral particles in the body. Among them are herpes simplex viruses, chickenpox, shingles, hepatitis, Epstein-Barr and others. All of these viruses can be reactivated when stress hormones or neurotransmitters suppress the immune system, making it harder for it to fight infection.

During cold season, try to avoid peak stress – emotional and physical. In the book “The Immune System Restoration Program” there is this advice: if by the end of the month you always have a rush at work, prepare in advance – sleep more, rest both before and after peak work.

Prepare for stress in advance. A source

Vaccine number 2 “Low glycemic”

The glycemic index (GI) shows how quickly a food raises blood sugar, how quickly you convert it into glucose. For each food, the GI level is a comparison of the response to it with the response to glucose, the glycemic index of which is taken as 100. The faster the blood glucose level rises, the higher the GI.

What does immunity have to do with it? It is known that the condition of the stomach directly affects the body’s ability to defend itself against viruses. High GI foods cause inflammation in the stomach. If you want to help yourself fight disease, eat well. More vegetables, less sweets. You will find tasty tips and useful life hacks in the book “Eating Healthy Every Day”.

Vaccine number 3 “Sleepy”

Quality sleep is the basis for strong immunity. A sleepless person is more susceptible to stress, because he gets tired faster and gets emotionally turned on. Sleep helps the body recharge and restore immune functions. Make sleep a priority at least in the fall-winter-spring period. Sleep 8 hours a day, and health will arrive with you.

A source

Vaccine No. 4 “Sports”

We have already talked about stress – the main destroyer of immunity. This vaccine will help fight it. By playing sports, you become physically stronger, which means less fatigue. Exercise helps complete the stress response cycle, as the Nagoski sisters write about in their book Burnout. But in this case, more does not mean better. Exercise too intense is stressful too, so use in moderation.

Vaccine number 5 “Rest”

Immunity starts with mood. If a person is happy, then a drunk glass of cold water or a sneeze on the subway will be okay for him. Rest is both stress prevention and a vaccine against bad moods.

Do not be ill!

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