How I lived and trained with a commando. Funny, painful and brutal

Do you want to know what it is like to really test yourself? Then invite the special forces to the house.

Jesse Itzler, entrepreneur, marathon runner and venturer, decided that his life lacked a spark. And he hired a “fur seal” – settled in his house and promised to do whatever he said. Nice start, right?

A month of training, blood, sweat, tears and harsh comments of the “cat” – a hell of a cocktail. We at MYTH read hundreds of books a year and there is little that may surprise us. But “A month at the limit” – hitting the top ten. The book is read voraciously. I would like to know how this madness will end: 15 km of running, 775 push-ups, 125 body lifts, 21 minutes in the steam room and swimming in an ice lake is just one of the workouts.

This is impossible to retell, so just read Jesse’s story in the first person.

Crazy is useful

If you do not challenge yourself, consider that you do not know yourself

Many of us live on autopilot, and over time I found myself on the same course. My settings were set a long time ago, I stopped developing. I wanted to shake myself. And I got what I was looking for when I asked the “cat” to arrange a month of training for me.

Whatever we did – jumping into an icy lake, lethal heat in a steam room, and other crazy things – were all designed to train my main muscle: the brain.

Meet Jesse Itzler. Putting myself in difficult situations, I created a channel for thoughts that makes you move forward. And this is not about sports. – A source

I wanted to break the routine to see the hidden possibilities. And I got much more. Honestly, I don’t fully understand how it happened, but I became more aware and more grateful for everything. Now I look at life in a completely different way.

Day 1. He can’t run

Always be ready for anything

I change into a winter tracksuit. On the street -10 ° C, it picks up well. The “cat” is wearing only shorts, a T-shirt and a knitted hat. And that’s all. “But there is minus ten there,” I said indignantly.

Then he starts laughing. His laugh sounds menacing, like a movie villain: ah … ha … ha …. “Temperature is what you think. Not what the thermometer says. As for me, now it is +12 “.

I change into a winter tracksuit.  On the street -10 ° C, it picks up well.
Don’t give a damn what’s outside the window. Not for him to run, but for you. – A source.

“Ever swam in icy water, Jesse?” – asks the “cat”. Why would I do this, I wondered. But aloud I answer that no. “So, is it cold? Or is it just your mind that says so? BUT? He laughed again. “Control your thoughts, Jesse.”

Day 16. Nothing Lasts Forever

If you want to know everything you are capable of – train to the limit

Doorbell. “Kitty” takes the order from the courier. This kind man bought me a vest with metal inserts weighing 22 kilograms to make push-ups more fun. And the vest will “increase the difficulty” of your runs. As if it’s not enough for me!

I’ve run thousands of times in my life. Eighteen New York marathons. Ultramarathons of 160 km. But running in a vest with weights is the most brutal. Its heaviness is just killing me. I fall to my knees, my body hurts unbearably, passers-by look back at me. When I was completely exhausted, the cat took him away with the words:

“You can handle any load, because it all ends someday.”

As if life depends on you

Keep the main thing in mind and protect it at all costs

There was a kind of magnetism in the way the “cat” ran. There was something behind his frown. And this is knowing your goal. Yes! He ran as if human lives depended on it. With such an expression on their faces, they run into a burning house to save a puppy or granny.

Then I found out a secret: he hates running. But he runs, because by participating in marathons, he collects funds for the families of “cats” who died.

Then I found out a secret: he hates running.  But he runs, because by participating in marathons, he collects funds for the families of
When four of the cat’s friends crashed in a helicopter crash, he decided to raise money for their families, and at the same time attract public attention. He ran 50 super long distance races, source.

“Kitty” takes part in the toughest competitions in the world. The Badwater 220 km marathon was the Cat’s first run. Six months later, he ran the most difficult route in Death Valley. Four months later, he took part in a three-day Ultraman race in Hawaii: 10 km swimming on the ocean, 420 km cycling and 85 km jogging. And all this is in memory of the tragedy of comrades in arms. To help with deeds.

Instead of a conclusion

Every day I overcome the past result. If not, something goes wrong.

The main lesson of the “cat” is the ability to appreciate difficulties. The more difficult the training, the more courage it required – and the more satisfaction I got. Sailing along the shore is for “freeloaders”. Only doing your best can you feel really alive.

Everyone in life has only one shot and you need to know what you really are.

The book includes:

  • 1000 push-ups a day. Yes, it’s real!
  • Burpee check – right in the office
  • What does a pie feel in the microwave
  • Why failure is a friendly kick
  • Jesse, what place did you think?
  • The Seal Mystery (yes, read to the end to find out)

This book is an honest, funny and exciting story about what it is like to overcome yourself. Everyday. And what can come out of this much more than you expect. Caution: You may suddenly find yourself at six in the morning in your workout. We have warned.

Based on the book “A month at the limit”
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