How does it feel to be healthy

Striving for an ideal body, we forget that health is not limited to a beautiful abs and pumped up muscles. A truly healthy person is not only satisfied with his body, but also happy in his soul. We tell you what else is hidden behind the abbreviation HLS and why on the way to health it is important to bypass potholes in the form of negative attitudes.

Health is not about willpower, but about pleasure

Below are reflections for those who think that good health can only be achieved through hard labor and hardship. Healthy lifestyle is not torment, but a path full of joy and good mood. You will not be able to go through it with a sad face and grimaces of suffering, the authors of the “Book of a zozhnik” write.

1. Healthy lifestyle is, first of all, joy

Scientists generally propose to abandon the term “willpower”. Studies show that you can resist your own desires for a while, but not forever. Sooner or later, a person breaks down. Therefore, willpower (and pain) alone will not go far. Science says that the one who likes the way he eats does not give up the diet, the one who really likes and the strength of the weights that he lifts, or the pace at which he runs, does not give up sports.

If you don’t like traditional sports, try to find something that will inspire you: fencing, walking in the city or mountains, table tennis, yoga or weight training. The world is not limited only to fashionable physical activity. And two hours of brisk walking will burn about as many calories as an hour with iron in a fitness room.

Do what you really enjoy.

2. Sports and healthy lifestyle in opposite corners of the ring

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The world of healthy lifestyles is full of conflicting and challenging advice, many of which relate to achievement in professional sports. Athletes put seconds above health and are ready to sacrifice a significant part of their lives for a place on the podium. This is a story about professional sports. Big athletes and small connoisseurs of healthy lifestyles have different goals, and they use different methods to achieve them, often opposite. For example, if some supplement increases performance by 1–2% (but takes up shelf space, in the diet, in the head, in the family budget and has a strange side effect), then its use is quite justified for an athlete. Is it worth it for an amateur to strain for such a dubious “bonus”? It is important to be in constant contact with yourself and not to compare yourself to others. There will always be someone, when compared with whom you plunge into the abyss of self-reflection and self-loathing. Do not look around, do not “stick” to motivational pictures and publics – this is all empty. Be consistent, move slowly, set realistic goals, love yourself, and be happy.

3. “Variety” and “moderation” are two key words for healthy lifestyle

Moderation is important in training: it is that you only occasionally push your limits and allow yourself to fully recover between sessions that develops you. And this is one of the main principles of the training process. The more varied your diet, the more nutrients you get from food, the healthier you are.

Healthy person – healthy brain

Sometimes it is not easy to recognize a really healthy person. As well as not easy to figure out where health begins. The author of the book “Food and the Brain” David Perlmutter believes that the worst nightmare of the modern world is brain disease. And it is with the nutrition of the main organ of the human body that the healing process should begin.

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The fate of your brain depends not only on genes. And if you suffer from chronic headache, depression, epilepsy, or a tendency to sudden fluctuations in mood, then DNA is not involved at all. This is the fault of the food you eat. And first of all, the grain.

Yes, you read that correctly: brain damage begins with the daily consumption of bread. It seems absurd, but it is: modern grain is subtly destroying the brain. By “modern” is meant not only refined wheat flour, pasta and rice, which have already been recognized as enemies by those fighting obesity. This also refers to the grains that most of us consider healthy food – whole wheat, multigrain products, millstone flour, sprouted grains … But that’s not all, fructose (a natural sugar found in fruits) and other carbohydrates pose a threat to our health … They not only harm the brain, but also accelerate the aging of the body. Recent medical research is disrupting conventional wisdom, revealing a whole new understanding of the root cause of brain disease, and inspiring hope that much of it can be prevented with the right habits.

Gluten and excess carbohydrate intake provide a powerful boost to many diseases.

Our genes determine not only how we metabolize food, but more importantly, how we respond to the foods we eat. There is no longer any doubt that one of the most important and most impactful events that ultimately led to today’s deterioration in brain health was the introduction of wheat grains into the human diet. Our Neolithic ancestors really did eat it in small quantities. However, modern wheat bears little resemblance to the wild einkorns that people of that era occasionally ate. Thanks to modern hybridization and gene modification technology, this grain, about 65 kilograms of which a person eats annually, has almost no genetic, structural or chemical similarity to that prehistoric wheat. This is the problem: we are making life more difficult for our body with products that are not genetically intended for humans.

True Success Is What You Do Every Day

Many of us strive for success, so we go in for sports and eat right. Yuri Strofilov, author of the book-inspiration “Not about running”, urges not to chase achievements and … just enjoy everyday activities. This is how this seemingly simple idea is revealed in the book.

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Success is a tick in the biography. Neither a marathon, nor six marathons, nor six out of three marathons change your life. What matters is what you do every day. And every day, without prejudice to the psyche, you can do only what you get real pleasure from. Preparing for a marathon in sixteen weeks is a brilliant combination. She gives a fat daw in her biography, but does not change you or the world around you. Daily jogging is a positional game. There is no success, but now your life has changed dramatically, you have become cleaner, more positive, kinder and more attentive to yourself. A week on apples is a beautiful combination with a demonstration of a neat navel on the designated cubes. But positionally detox does nothing but the disappointment of the navel on an already shapeless belly. Combinations are temporary, and positions are forever.

A bowl of lettuce every day will not give a tick in the biography, daily modest runs will not impress your Facebook friends. But they are the ones who globally change your life, because they change your attitude towards yourself.

Be on a healthy lifestyle, live with pleasure!

The article uses materials from the “Book of a zozhnik”, the books “Not about running” and “Food and the Brain”

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