How do I reset my posture? Simple technique

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How do I reset my posture? Simple technique

6 October 2020


The hours we spend sitting – in chairs, in the car, or bent over laptops – have transformed us from proud, upright animals to hunched over animals. This has a negative effect on the lumbar spine and mood. From the book “Yoga. Breathe, stretch, live ”learned how to quickly reset your posture.

String or algae?

Often we try to correct the posture more than necessary, because many are sure that it is correct – when the spine is very straight, motionless, rigid. In reality, the spine of each of us is a wonderful mobile substance. Its natural curves contribute to the distribution of weight and forces, allow any movement and increase susceptibility.

So, if you suddenly realize that you are going through a recession – both physically and emotionally, do not try to stretch yourself into line. Reset your posture with a simple zeroing technique.

Zeroing technique

1. First of all, get up and walk quickly across the room, return to your place.

2. Sit in a chair with your pelvic bones higher than your hips. You can also sit cross-legged on a brick, if that’s convenient for you.

3. Make a circular motion with your hips, rolling on your sit bones so that you feel your pelvis moving sideways, back and forth. Think of the pelvic area as a bowl of water in which you create whirlpool after whirlpool. After completing three circular movements in one direction, change direction and repeat in the other direction, the upper body should appear fluid and the spine should rotate within the pelvic bones.

4. Close your eyes and gradually slow down the rotation, reduce the size of the circles to a point – motionless and at the same time dynamic, to your inner center.

5. In this position, bring one hand back, place it on the back of the chair, and the other hand on the opposite knee. As you inhale, stretch your spine, creating space between the vertebrae, and as you exhale, twist.

6. Maintain the pose for five breaths, then reach up with your arms raised and repeat on the other side.

7. Next, lower your arms to your sides, tilt your head to your shoulder, feel the stretch and bend in your neck. Lean on your right hand, slide your left hand up and place it on your chest. Hold the pose for five breaths, expanding your chest and stretching your sides. Focus on the space under your arm, which lies on your ribcage.

8. Repeat on the other side.

9. Finally, perform circular movements with your head left and right. Nod in agreement, shake your head in denial, again reducing the size of the circles until you feel that the head is balanced in the center, above the heart.

10. Open your teeth and feel the jaw relax as you breathe. With your neck and head relaxed, position your crown over the center of your chest and the center of your chest over your groin, and imagine that the flexible axis of your spine connects all three points.

Imagine that your spine is like seaweed rushing to the surface of the water in search of light. The algae spine is able to accept the waves that your life creates, and to cope with them – to move freely, react with enthusiasm, avoid stiffness.

Based on materials from the book “Yoga. Breathe, stretch, live “

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