How are management, longevity and meaning of life related?

Healthy lifestyle

How are management, longevity and meaning of life related?

July 27, 2017


The indefatigable Yitzhak Adizes continues to delight me with his reflections, and I continue to share them. Today – about the connection between the classical model of management and health. With free contractions. The full text is in the book New Reflections on Personal Development.


What do healthy lifestyle and management have in common?

A healthy lifestyle is based on sleep, exercise and diet.

And here it is quite possible to add a pinch of management and apply the PAEI roles. Let’s take the production of results (P) as exercise, administration (A) as nutrition, and sleep is comparable to integration (I).

Why did I assign roles this way?

  • Exercise is a function of the body, which is similar to the function of producing results (P) – “action”.
  • To maintain a healthy diet, you must control what you eat and control = administer (A).
  • During sleep, the body rests, relaxes and recovers, which corresponds to the process of integration (I).

This classification is very arbitrary and, perhaps, looks arbitrary, but it explains well my next thought.

A healthy lifestyle as such lacks a goal, namely enterprise (E).

Viktor Frankl has written about this well in his books. He came to the conclusion that in the concentration camp of which he was a prisoner, those who had a reason for being and reasons to fight for life were able to survive.

Sleep, sports and diet

We humans need sound sleep that matches natural rhythms and is not interrupted by an alarm clock. Nothing should interfere with sleep: no noise, no light, the room should be moderately cool and well ventilated.

The set of necessary physical exercises should consist of three important groups: aerobic exercise, strength and exercises that develop flexibility and balance.

When it comes to proper nutrition, there are as many opinions as there are medical experts. I am on a vegan diet with no sugar, salt or fat.

However, healthy sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition are not enough. You must have a purpose in life, its meaning. Without this, we quickly age, lose energy and thirst for life.

But how can this meaning be discovered?

In my consulting career, I found an answer that gives meaning to corporations, but it also applies to personal life.

Do not ask yourself why you live on this planet and what life is in general. They cannot be answered because they are abstract and pointless.

In all four languages ​​that I know, the word “why” is related in meaning to the expression “why”: in Spanish it is porque, paraque; Slavic languages ​​- za sto, zasto; in Hebrew – lama, l’ma.

So replace the question “why” with the question “why” did you come into this world? And what does this mean for what? Further, it makes sense to replace the expression “for what” by the expression “for whom”.

During consultations in companies, I ask the question: “who will mourn your ‘death’ if you go bankrupt?” This is what you live for. The same is in personal life.

To stay healthy, to live a meaningful life, find something that you believe in with all your soul. Dedicate your life to it. Invest your time and energy voluntarily. Don’t try to get rid of the signature on the check, it won’t work. Take your time. Have a reason to get up in the morning. So you will gain longevity.


So what do you get up for every morning? The answer to this question is much easier to find than to the populist “why do I live?” And if the answer is not immediately found, then the next question is: “For whom do you live?” Life is simple. And the meaning in it is not as difficult to find as it seems.

The picture for the cover (but not the meaning of life) was found here. Inspired by the lines of a song about a fire that will burn out -)

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