Healthy and Productive: Tips for Work and Personal Life

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy and Productive: Tips for Work and Personal Life

15 october 2017


Constant fatigue, procrastination, lack of motivation and feeling unwell … To avoid these symptoms, we suggest you read the tips from the book “100% Charged”.

Choose everything, or those that suit you, bring it to life and enjoy the changes!

Get rid of unnecessary email campaigns

The service allows you to see in one place a list of all mailings that you have subscribed to – intentionally or unknowingly (for example, by forgetting to uncheck the box when shopping online). After viewing the general list, you can quickly, in one click, unsubscribe from all mailings you do not need and thereby significantly free up your mailbox.

In addition, you can configure The Rollup option and receive one letter with all mailings once a day at a time specified by you.

The service can be found at

Block idle correspondence

So, you got into a copy of group correspondence: on a department or company scale … There is a discussion of some non-work issue or a celebration of success – one way or another, the letters are irrelevant and multiply every second.

Such chains can be ignored, and it’s easy to do:

– In Gmail, you need to click on the “More” (More) button at the top of the window and select “Ignore” from the drop-down menu. Now letters will be immediately marked as read.

– In Outlook, you need to click on the “Ignore” button on the “Home” tab. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Del.

In both cases, you can change your mind if you want to read the thread again.

Keep track of your water intake

We lose water through sweat during exercise to maintain a stable, safe body temperature (around 36-37 degrees Celsius). In addition, water evaporates when breathing (both at rest and during sports).

Although the literature and the Internet often mention eight glasses of water, one and a half to two liters and even more than three, on days when you are not exercising, you can drink, focusing on the feeling of thirst or 30-35 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day … At the same time, coffee, tea, milk, freshly squeezed juices, soups also satisfy the body’s need for fluid.

Breathing and your decisions

The Japanese samurai took seven breaths to make decisions. If the samurai did not succeed, he switched to something else, because this meant that either he was not ready for a decision, or there were no suitable circumstances.

Work while standing

Hemingway (Nobel laureate in literature) once put it this way: “Perhaps writing and travel broaden your horizons, but you can definitely get a wide ass too. Therefore, I write while standing. “

Buy a counter or transforming table with a table top that rises and falls. You can also do with the means at hand: put a cardboard box on the table, and put a computer on top or put a notebook. Important! Adjust the height of the table for your height so as not to get tired and not to spoil your posture.

In the process of work, do not stand in a pillar, shift from foot to foot, sway. Then you won’t get tired. And if this happens, you can sit on a chair or lie down on the sofa.

Review completed tasks

Take 5-7 minutes each evening to analyze the past day, look at the calendar for the next, update it, do the same with the list of tasks and tune in to tomorrow’s affairs.

At the end of the weekend, you can devote 10-15 minutes to this.

This is a very simple practice that makes you much more productive and reduces the amount of chaos in your life. And the less chaos (that is, the more accurately you know what to do at any given moment), the less energy is wasted.

Based on the book “100% Charged”.

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