Getting ready for swimming season: 17 exercises you can do at home

If you, like me, have not yet managed to lose weight by the summer, and you are not at all drawn to the gym, join us. I asked my coach Artem Shcherbakov to show you basic exercises that can be performed at home or in the country without special equipment. We only need the weight of our own body, organization and a little faith in ourselves. 😉


This is one of the basic strength exercises in which the back and legs are involved in general, the emphasis is on the quadriceps femoris, gluteal and gastrocnemius muscles. There is nothing difficult here: we squat, and then return to a standing position. In this case, it is better to put your feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other. Hands can be put on a belt or kept in a fist in front of you. Squat so that your knees are at a right angle and your thighs are parallel to the floor.


An excellent exercise for those who want to tighten the gluteal muscles for the swimming season. Starting position – standing, feet shoulder-width apart. We take a step forward with one leg and squat so that the legs form two right angles. Then we rise and take a step with the other foot. Keep your back straight, but tilt your torso forward slightly to engage your glutes properly. Keep your head straight. If you are short on space, you can do this exercise in place, alternating your legs and returning to the starting position before the next “step.”

“Corner” against the wall

This exercise is also called the “Chair”. This is a type of squat that not only helps tone the legs, but also improves posture, blood circulation, and even strengthens the vestibular apparatus.

We lean against the wall with the wall and lower ourselves to a position where the legs form a right angle. As if they sat on an invisible chair. In this position, you need to stand for a minute, then you can pause and a few more repetitions.


The main working muscle group is the pectoralis major, triceps, anterior delta, as well as other muscle groups as auxiliary ones. The body should form a straight line, palms should be at shoulder level. It is better to turn your elbows back 45 degrees, rather than spread them out to the sides. Get down as low to the floor as you can.

Close-grip push-ups

In this case, the palms should be at chest level, in the center. This is an effective way to work your triceps and pecs (mainly your upper chest). Please note that the body forms a straight line: do not arch your back and lower back. The elbows should be kept close to the torso, dropping as low as possible. Try to stay in the starting position for a few seconds, take your time.

Knee push-ups

This option is suitable for those who are just starting to play sports, have poor physical fitness and only strive for high results.

Swing your legs

Get on all fours and take your leg back (straight or bent, whichever is more comfortable for you). Do not forget to control your back: it should not bend. This is an effective glute exercise.

Reverse grip push-ups

You can do this exercise while leaning on a bench or chair. When you go up, your arms should remain bent. The back is always straight. Do not sink lower than to a right angle at the elbows.

Exercises for the press

This is a standard and familiar exercise for the press. The first step to a flat stomach. When performing twisting, make sure that the lower back does not come off the floor. Lift yourself with abdominal muscles, without jerking.

Twisting 1

Another way to build abs. Keep your feet flat on the floor. The exercise is performed by analogy with the previous one, but when lifting the body turns to the right, then to the left, and then we return to its original position.

Twisting 2

In this exercise, we wrap our arms around our legs as much as possible. Then we return to the starting position. You don’t need to lie down on the floor at all: stay tense.

Lying leg raises

This exercise may be familiar to many since kindergarten. The head should not touch the floor, and neither should the legs. The working range of motion is in the range from 20 to 75 degrees from the floor.

Little book

In this version of the exercise, we seem to fold into a corner, trying to reach our legs with our hands. The lower back can already be lifted off the floor.


Hands in front of you at right angles, press in tension, do not bend in the lower back, twist the pelvis forward, do not bend your legs at the knees, you cannot sag in the shoulder blades. Stand in the plank for at least 1 minute in one set.


The starting position is standing in a plank. Then we take turns taking our legs to the sides, bending them along the body.


This exercise helps to develop your back muscles. We lie on the floor with our stomach down. We spread our arms to the sides at a right angle. Feet can be kept shoulder-width apart. Then we simultaneously raise our legs and arms, returning to the starting position.


This is a challenging exercise that combines a plank, jump, and push-up. If you are just starting to play sports, leave it for later. Or do it very carefully, slowly.

We do a deep squat, go to the bar, do push-ups, go back to the squat, jump and clap our hands over our heads. And so a few repetitions.

All exercises, except for the plank, should be repeated 20-30 times in one lesson. Unfortunately, no written descriptions and pictures can replace the coach’s explanations: if you have the opportunity to deliver a technique with a specialist, do it to avoid injuries in the future, and then calmly study at home.

And do not forget that without proper nutrition, physical activity, if it gives a result, is temporary and not as amazing as it could be.

You can find books that will help you stay in shape and get motivated here. You can read them on the beach while everyone is jealous of your figure. 🙂 Be healthy and beautiful!

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