Caution: emotions! Why are expectant mothers so emotional

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Caution: emotions! Why are expectant mothers so emotional

15 january 2018


Waiting for a child is perhaps the most emotionally unstable period in a woman’s life. The hormonal background is changing, every day there is more trouble and worries. Sometimes emotions take over so strongly that after a while it’s even embarrassing to remember some actions. This is the story told by Marina Vogl, the author of the book “I Will Be a Mom”.

“Once, being in the last months of my first pregnancy, I could not park at the supermarket. Finally I noticed the place of “mother and child”. It seemed convenient, since there I could safely get out of the car with my rather big belly. Having parked, I walked briskly to the entrance to the store, but I was stopped by a parking attendant who insinuatingly asked: “Excuse me, madam, do you have a child with you?” my womb. ” The overly zealous valet’s jaw dropped, and I proudly walked on, very pleased with my interpretation of the rules, although, of course, my good manners temporarily let me down. “

Almost all pregnant women are characterized by increased emotionality. Often this is one of the first signs of pregnancy, which is very perplexing if a woman does not already know that she is in a position. You should tell your partner about increased emotionality. Don’t worry, you won’t be forever a pampered, constantly crying young lady. But be prepared for the fact that, as a mother, you will react violently to stories about children.

Warn your spouse about increased emotionality during pregnancy, this will help to avoid unnecessary quarrels. Illustration from the book “I’ll Be a Mom”

As the gestation period increases, grows grumpy and irritable. This is not surprising as everyday life becomes more complicated. A woman gets fat, becomes clumsy, she constantly wants to use the toilet, and even when everything is fine, she does not have enough energy to have fun. If you realize that you need to slow down the rhythm, then cope with the irritability. At the same time, others should understand that your condition is caused by hormonal changes in the body. Instead of getting angry, they should support you and help you slow down.

How to become calmer and happier

Meditation, for example, can help you to come to terms with your decreased activity. The first steps are lightness and calmness. That is, you easily get used to the practices and understand that meditations are not labor in the sweat of your brow at all. You are immersed in calmness, it creates a feeling of joy, and as soon as the mind feels this joy, it relaxes even more, which means that the calmness becomes even deeper – a beneficial cycle is working. This is the essence of how calmness becomes the first step to joy.

Have you been enjoying the bathroom for a long time?  It's time to do what you like!
Have you been enjoying the bathroom for a long time? It’s time to do what you like! Illustration from the book “I’ll Be a Mom”

If you’ve already gone on maternity leave, you don’t need to rush anywhere, and that’s great! Try to start your morning with rituals. When you wake up, you can allow yourself to enjoy the moment: the baby is with you, while he does not require food, attention or a change of diaper. There are very few such calm days left, enjoy them to the fullest!

Happiness Girlfriends can be very productive.
Happiness girl meetings can be very productive. Illustration from the book “I’ll Be a Mom”

During pregnancy, some are overwhelmed by laziness. It’s hard to leave the house, so you want to lie on the couch all day long. But physical activity is necessary for expectant mothers (except for cases when it is impossible to move excessively for medical reasons). You can just walk. Ask your friends or husband to invite you for walks more often: fresh air, sincere conversations, physical activity will brighten up your pregnancy!

Based on materials from the books “I will be a mother”, “Joy from the inside”, “Trial by a child”, “Magic of the morning”.

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