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Anti-rules of conduct in a yoga studio

Before getting into the yoga studio, we are introduced to some rules of conduct during practice. I read the rules of many studios, and wrote my own. But

7 yoga poses for mastering backbends

Familiar with persistent low back pain? Low back pain most often occurs due to a passive lifestyle, or excessive physical exertion. But hernias and protrusions in the

5 minutes of yoga a day

Fast sequence when there is no time at all It's great when you have two hours a day to practice yoga. But in the modern, fast-paced world, you will

10 asanas for strong buttocks

Let's talk about yoga leggings. They are popular both in the gym and in everyday life. If we have already settled in the closet, then they literally

Why do yogis need props?

Yoga teachers guide us to listen to and respect our body, and yoga props serve to deepen the practice. The equipment acts as a support that allows you

Mantras. What is their value?

Many are intimidated by singing outside their own bath. When people in the audience are invited to sing mantras, the majority of them round their eyes. At

Yoga to train willpower

What is willpower and why do we need it? Willpower is the ability to do what really matters, even when it's difficult. If you want to go deeper than

10 minutes of yoga for strong legs

Strong legs are the basis of yogic asanas. Weak legs interfere with mobility, mobility, posture development and general health. In addition, we use our feet every day