Anti-rules of conduct in a yoga studio

Before getting into the yoga studio, we are introduced to some rules of conduct during practice. I read the rules of many studios, and wrote my own.

But first, before signing up for practice, we go to aliexpress, looking for: for Women tummy Control leggings with high waist sports leggings. We revise all thousand options, we find. Spend about two hours on it, sweat, and change your mind about going to yoga.

But if all the same the desire still remains, then welcome to yoga:

1. If you are suddenly late for class, be sure to enter noisily and loudly greeting the instructor and practitioners.

2. Do not forget to take all your belongings with you, a purse, a bottle of water, a cup of coffee in case you need something.

3. Taking any pose, swear loudly “f * your left”, how does she do it ?!

4. Take your phone with you, and somewhere in a very difficult asana, be sure to loudly answer the phone call.

5. Try to sell your services to neighbors on a rug during class.

And why such a thing, suddenly Masha urgently needs marigolds, she hasn’t done a pedicure for a hundred years already.

6. Talk and laugh while the instructor pronounces the name of the asana that is funny for you. Kakasana, how is that?

7. Try to attend classes while drunk, everyone will be surprised at your skills and flexibility.

8. Try to correct other practitioners in the asanas and criticize their performance and the instructor.

9. In shavasana, do not let others relax, spin and sigh loudly.

I want to finish these far from comic rules like this: “Friends, let’s live together and respect everyone’s personal space. And even if you received unsuccessful leggings from aliexpress, this is not a reason for frustration, next time you will definitely be lucky! “

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