9+ books to read even for non-vegans on International Vegan Day

When I first came to work at MYTH, one of the first shocks was that almost half of my new colleagues adhere to a plant-based diet. Everyone had different reasons to switch to it, including taking care of their own health. At first I did not understand: “How so? Why are there so many vegetarians in MYTH, and at my previous job there were only two of us? ” But, reading our books, I understood.

To begin with, a little historical background.

Today, November 1, is International Vegan Day. It was founded 23 years ago on the initiative of the “Vegan Society” of Great Britain, founded in 1944. On this day, promotions and events are held that tell about the benefits of plant nutrition for people, the environment and the economy of the country.

Vegans are strict vegetarians. They not only do not eat meat and fish, but also exclude from the diet all products of animal origin (milk, eggs, honey). They do not wear clothes made of leather, fur, silk or wool, do not use products that are tested on animals.

World Vegetarian Day was celebrated on October 1st. This holiday was established by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977, 40 years ago. The period from October 1 to November 1 is considered “Vegetarian Awareness Month”. Concluding it, I want to share with you books that will be useful to everyone, even lovers of meat dishes.

Why do I think books about predominantly plant-based foods are good for meat eaters?

I recently attended a vegetarian cooking workshop. We went with a friend (meat eater), and were very surprised that in a full hall I was the only vegetarian. While making tofu cheese cakes and mashed pumpkin soup, I learned that others came to the event to learn how to cook healthy and dietary meals. Therefore, if you are not going to give up meat, but want to diversify your diet, learn about healthy foods and lose weight, do not be afraid of vegetarian books. 🙂

China Study: Updated and Expanded Edition

China Study is a classic for vegans and vegetarians. And this book is also for anyone interested in why plant foods are healthier than animal products. I recommend it to those who want to hear serious scientific evidence and the results of years of research. My dad, for example, is a big lover of meat dishes. After reading this book, he did not become a vegetarian, but at last he understood my choice and now proudly says that his daughter is a vegetarian.

An updated and expanded edition is about to hit the shelves, complete with new facts, thoughts, and authors’ responses to skeptics. And do not think that the book will drum into you the idea that eating meat is a mortal sin. Not at all. Eat, just in moderation.

Chinese research in practice

A step-by-step plan with recipes and scientific commentary for those looking to switch to a healthy diet according to the rules of the China Study. The book takes into account many nuances: how to develop willpower for the transition to a new lifestyle, how to convey to children why you suddenly stopped eating meat, and instill in them good eating habits, how to maintain the results in the long term.

Recipes for health and longevity. cookbook

The author of the book is the daughter of Colin Campbell, the author of the book “China Study”, a mother of two children. This recipe book helps you create a balanced diet of delicious and healthy food. The book contains over 120 healthy recipes – sugar-free, with a minimum amount of salt, based on fresh vegetables. Each recipe is provided with detailed instructions and illustrations. By cooking with this book, you will live longer and be sick less.

Healthy food

This book is a sequel to Colin Campbell’s bestselling China Study, based on the largest study of the same name in human history on nutrition.

Blue zones in practice

One of my favorite books in MYTH. It is based on many years of research on the lifestyle of centenarians and teaches how to create your own cozy corner of longevity anywhere in the world. It is not only about plant-based nutrition, but also about home improvement, relationships with family and friends, and a lifestyle in constant motion.

Plant-based diet

I would recommend this book to women who care not only about their health, but also about their appearance. There are no complicated terms, serious scientific substantiation and expert conclusions. This book is more like a conversation with a friend about proper nutrition.

The author dispels myths about soy, carbohydrates, fats and proteins, explains how to combine a plant-based diet with a busy business schedule, and how to replace the ingredients in your dishes with healthier ones so as not to spoil their taste. The book includes illustrated recipes, vivid images and testimonials from people who have already switched to a plant-based diet.

Forks instead of knives

There is a documentary film “Forks instead of knives” about the need to switch to a healthy diet for the sake of your health. This book is a practical guide to help you make this transition in practice. It includes pictorial explanations from respected scientists about the benefits of whole plant foods, success stories of people who have switched to plant-based diets, and 125 recipes for healthy and delicious meals every day.

This book will have a supplement – a 4-week step-by-step plan for transitioning to a healthy diet.

Switch to vegetable

A plant-based diet has been proven to be beneficial for your health, weight and wallet, as well as the environment. This book is a practical guide to replace a plant-free plate with a plant-rich plate. It’s about freedom of choice in food and the importance of having fun with food. The book is not on sale yet: leave your email address and we will email you when it comes out (and give it a discount!).

The power of plants

A healthy, plant-based food guide for the whole family from ultra-marathon runner Rich Roll and his chef wife. We are still working on the book and it is not yet on sale (here you can leave your email address and we will inform you about its appearance), but judging by what I saw, it is awesome. Beautiful, vibrant, with wonderful family photos and a solid healthy lifestyle system that will fit and please all your family members.

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