6 ways to get rid of chronic fatigue

From the very morning you feel as if you have “plowed” the whole day, do not have the strength, desire and mood to do something? This is called chronic fatigue.

We chose 6 simple ways to help you regain your energy and vitality from the book “Forever Tired” by the practitioner Jacob Teitelbaum.

1. Don’t forget about psychosomatics. And the word no

It is my deep conviction that any physical illness has a psychological component. I have found that most people who complain of chronic fatigue are Type A: a personality type characterized by a tendency to work to the point of exhaustion and a strong competitive spirit. They always go out of their way to jump a little over their heads. To some extent, this psychodynamics applies to the situation of everyday fatigue. We are constantly looking for someone’s approval and avoid conflicts so as not to lose it. We “grow above ourselves” in order to win over a person who doesn’t even care about us. Whatever it concerns, we are ready to take care of everyone, except for one thing – ourselves! Does it remind you of anyone?

Excessively compassionate, you find yourself in the role of a trash can, where others dump toxic emotions. It seems that not a single “energy vampire” can pass you by. And you and only you suffer.

Refuse more often – the source.

How to reverse a self-destructive tendency? Simple enough. In fact, the answer consists of only three letters: H-E-T. Learn to use this magic word and become free. And full of energy.

2. Realize that all things cannot be changed, and sleep more

At first glance, this is a banal advice. But you try to follow it! Realize that you still won’t make it everywhere, no matter how fast you run. In fact, you may have already noticed that the faster and more efficiently you complete tasks, the more new things you have to do. That’s the trick!

If you slow down and take extra time to sleep, you will find that your to-do list is shorter, and some of the things you hate to do are gone.


Plus, you’ll soon realize that 8 hours of sleep has improved your performance and started to enjoy what you’re doing.

3. Do “enjoyable sports”

If exercise were a pill, everyone would definitely take it. This is because physical activity is the key to optimizing vital energy. Find something to do. Whether you decide to do dancing, yoga, just walking in the park, or even going shopping, if you enjoy doing it, you will be much less likely to quit.


And be sure to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Schedule your activities on the calendar, even if it’s just a jog in the park.

4. Eat less sugar

You may be wondering, “What does sugar have to do with fatigue?” And the most direct thing. Increased sugar consumption can be the cause of the so-called adrenal fatigue (and at the same time – adrenal dysfunction, but this is worth discussing with your doctor). People with adrenal fatigue experience periods of nervousness, dizziness, irritation, and fatigue throughout the day. But they feel relieved by eating something sweet. A sweet briefly raises their blood sugar levels to normal, they feel better, but then their sugar levels fall below normal again. In terms of mood and energy levels in the body, this is like a roller coaster: a person is thrown from one extreme to another.


What can be done? Start by limiting your sugar and caffeine intake. Eat little by little, increasing your protein intake and decreasing your carbohydrate intake. Try to ditch white flour breads with added sugar and switch to whole grain breads and vegetables. Fruit – but not fruit juices that contain concentrated sugars – can be consumed in moderation, one to two per day. If you feel irritated, eat something that contains protein.

And sugar also provokes the appearance of Candida fungi, since the growth of yeast occurs during the fermentation of sugar. By drinking half a liter of soda (it contains 12 tablespoons of sugar), you turn your intestines into a fermentation vat.

5. Do what makes you happy

As you feel better, start gradually filling your life with things that make you happy. And stop doing the things that emotionally drain you.

Follow your happiness.

Perhaps the endless “I must” made you become an economist, manager, or lawyer, while your true calling is to paint, write poetry, or just raise children.


Or perhaps everything happened exactly the opposite. In any case, if you start doing what makes you happy, you are on the right track. Learn to choose what you like and get rid of what you don’t like at all.

6. Feel sorry for yourself in times of stress

We often underestimate the importance of relaxation. We continue to spin like a squirrel in a wheel, even when we feel that a little more – and something inside will crack, break from emotional and physical pressure. At such a time, you need to gather your will into a fist, try to forget about all the problems (and certainly stop feverishly doing all sorts of things) and take a break. Take pity on yourself and your body.


Unfortunately, some people lose their footing when they are confidently told that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia (SF) or everyday fatigue are only “in their head” and fall into a vicious circle. They understand that by telling, among other things, about their emotional problems (and any person has them), they will only confirm the words of the half-educated doctor that their whole illness is from nerves. At the same time, numerous studies prove that CFS / SF are quite real physical diseases. If you have tried many methods and cannot overcome fatigue and pain in any way, it is worth looking for a good doctor.

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Based on the book “Forever Tired”

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