5 ways to boost immunity. Pro level

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5 ways to boost immunity. Pro level

14 january 2019


The strength of the immune system is made up of simple things – proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and the absence of stress. We have already written about easy ways to boost immunity. In this article, we will dive deeper into the topic and discuss five actions that will lead you to health and energy.

Eliminate gluten, dairy, corn, and soy from your diet for three weeks

These foods are the most common cause of allergies. The essence of the experiment is that first we exclude all products and feel better, and then we introduce each product in turn and check if our well-being has worsened. If we exclude only one food, we may not feel any improvement as we continue to eat other problem foods. And when we start to reintroduce this product, we may not notice a deterioration in well-being, since we did not feel any improvement before. Thus, it is better to eliminate all four foods at once, this will increase the likelihood of real relief of symptoms due to dietary changes, and then we can determine if the wellbeing has worsened with the introduction of a particular product.

But if giving up four foods at once seems overwhelming to you, try starting with two – gluten and dairy. This is the hardest part, as they form the basis of the standard modern diet and people consume these foods every day.

Take vitamin D

Vitamin D attaches to the first line of cells of the immune system, which meet all foreign bodies and raise anxiety. Vitamin D inhibits their reactivity towards “good” cells, which under certain circumstances can be recognized as “foreign”.

When autoimmune disorders and low vitamin D levels have been identified, supplementation can help break down already activated killer cells and prevent their formation, thereby helping to reduce inflammation and damage caused by these cells.

The dose of vitamin D is determined by your doctor. But it must be borne in mind that vitamin A is needed for its absorption, which also helps to regulate the formation of cells of the immune system and maintain their healthy development.

Drink green tea

The active ingredient in green tea is the so-called epigallocatechin galate (EGCG), which has recently attracted more and more attention. It has proven beneficial in the treatment and prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, weight loss, and more.

Green tea also helps fight stress. A source

A recent study at Oregon State University showed that EGCG effectively increases the number of regulatory T cells, which is critical for maintaining cell tolerance and preventing autoimmunity. Although this study was conducted in mice, the results suggest that green tea may be a beneficial element of a diet designed to support immune health, specifically for patients with autoimmune diseases.

Get rid of mold

Mold directly undermines the immune system. People who live in an apartment with mold are much more likely to get sick.

If the examination reveals that you have been exposed to toxic mold, leave the hazardous area first. Contact a professional to develop a cleaning plan. Improper removal of toxic mold can cause its spores to fly through the air. This is scarier than asbestos or lead paint because mold is faster and stronger. Many people with mild mold symptoms reported that they got much worse as soon as contractors started cleaning their homes from mold.

There is no better way to avoid mold poisoning than not to come into contact with it! If you notice symptoms of poisoning, see your doctor. Even if one person in the house has these symptoms, it is important that everyone takes precautions. Mold is toxic.

Go to the infrared sauna

First, a little theory. There is the so-called EZ-water – this is a new phase of water, in which it is not a liquid, gas or solid. You get EZ water when you drink fresh vegetable juice, fresh spring water, or melt water.

This type of water is found inside our cells. When there is not enough EZ water, cells become dehydrated and stop functioning properly. Lymphatic flow (which carries toxins and waste products) is suppressed, leading to chronic inflammation. Mitochondria (read more about them here) need EZ-water, they cannot function without a certain amount of it.

In winter, when there is not enough sun outside, additional light therapy is indispensable. A source

Light therapy is one of the most effective ways to help the body create EZ water. When ordinary water is exposed to infrared (and possibly ultraviolet) rays, it transforms into EZ water. As soon as you stand under the infrared light in an infrared sauna or just go outside on a sunny day without glasses and sunscreen, the body absorbs this energy and synthesizes EZ water.

Based on the books “Immune System Restoration Program”, “Brain Biohacking”

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