5 easy ways to boost immunity

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5 easy ways to boost immunity

22 november 2018


Fall and winter are considered to be the seasons of the common cold. Can the body be helped to fight disease? Yes, and it’s easier to do than it sounds. We will tell you how to stay vigorous and healthy when everyone around is sneezing and sad.

Adjust nutrition

The stomach is a conductor of nutrients for the whole organism. In fact, food is fuel, and its quality determines how long your “car” will last. The book “Blue Zones in Practice” tells about the principles of nutrition for centenarians. The most basic ones are to exclude the consumption of sugar, include seafood, vegetables and fruits in the daily diet, and also give preference to natural food.

Move more

Sport helps to strengthen the body’s defenses. During physical activity, the cells are saturated with oxygen, the work of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems is activated. Ignite Yourself contains research that supports the conclusion that physical activity can help fight diseases caused by prolonged stress. They come from a weakening of the immune system, and muscle activity can dramatically strengthen the immune system. If you’re not into sports, start by hiking.

An hour of active walking in the fresh air – and you will become less sick.

Sleep properly

In a dream, the body is restored, and it is important not to interfere with it in this matter. The book “Healthy Sleep” will help you organize your night’s rest. So that the protective functions of the body do not decrease, it is important to fully rest – at least 7-8 hours.

Quality sleep invigorates during the day. A source

Be sure to ventilate the bedroom and humidify the air. Viruses and bacteria thrive when it’s warm and dry around. It is not in your best interest to make their “life” easier.

Avoid stress

If you had a health diary, you would surely be surprised to find out how often diseases overtake during periods of stress. I passed the annual report, which was done at night, and caught a cold. You quarreled with your other half – and you feel your throat tighten. In the cold season, it is especially important to avoid stress, because there are already unfavorable conditions around (there is little sunlight and fresh air, heavier food compared to summer). In the cold season (and not only), tips from the book “Stress Free” will help you stay in shape. It is a scientific approach to combating depression, anxiety, and burnout.

To enjoy life

The most pleasant point 😉 A good mood is a guarantee of health, no matter how unrealistic it may sound. You can become happy even without external circumstances. The book “Joy from within” will reveal to the reader the source of happiness.

You don’t have to wait for summer to be happy. A source

“A person knows how to adapt to both good and bad circumstances. A well-known study from 1978 showed that people who won a fortune in the lottery and those who were paralyzed after an accident sooner or later return to their average level of happiness, ”writes the author of the book, Chad-Meng Tan. In other words, happiness can be trained. Meditate, notice the beautiful around, help people around, give smiles and kindness – everyone will find their own source of happiness and health.

And we also have a book dedicated to strengthening the protective functions of the body – “The program for the restoration of the immune system.” Learn how to do without medication during the cold season.

I wish you health and strong immunity!

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