24 hours of self-care

Planned a bunch of things to do this May weekend? Excellent! But haven’t you forgotten the most important thing? About rest and taking care of yourself.

We suggest carving out one day among the weekend, which you can fully devote to yourself. You deserve it. The book Closer to the Body has many great ideas on how to become healthier, energized and in a good mood for the whole of May. Let’s try them.


The beginning of the day determines the mood. When you wake up on a day of self-care, do a ritual of three simple yet magical actions.

one. Take a deep breath. Sit in your favorite seat and close your eyes. Inhale deeply, filling your chest and abdomen with air. Imagine the morning light entering every cell of your body. Exhaling fully, imagine clearing the inner space for a new day.

Concentrated breathing benefits the heart, brain, digestive and immune systems and is the perfect way to start the day.

2. Ten minutes of rest. Hug your partner, pet, or relax alone. Breathe calmly and focus on what is happening around you. Tune in for a wonderful day.

3. Let the sun enter your home. Eat breakfast by your window or outside while providing your brain with the mood-boosting hormone serotonin. Listen to birdsong and other manifestations of the living world outside your doorstep.

Fresh air works wonders. Even in the city. – A source


Unhurried and thoughtful eating, as well as the contents of the plates, affect the mind and soul no less than the digestive tract. Make it a rule of your day to eat slowly, mindfully, enjoying every bite.

one. Eat what you want. Forget about rules, diets, healthy and unhealthy foods. Listen to yourself. What do you want to eat? If it’s a burger or dessert, treat yourself to it, cook it or order it in a restaurant. And eat without feeling guilty.

When was the last time you ate slowly?
When was the last time you ate slowly? – A source

2. Eat mindfully. Before eating, sit in a comfortable place (not on the couch) and remove any distractions such as a TV or smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you are eating a delicacy or cracking down on leftovers from yesterday’s dinner – focus on the present moment.

3. Drink plenty of water. As much as possible. Much more!


A day of taking care of yourself is impossible without movement. Choose an activity that you enjoy: yoga or dancing, gym workout, pool, walk. Allow plenty of time for it to take your time.

While doing the exercise, take your time and pay attention to your breathing and all your sensations. Try not to change the rhythm of your breathing or impose a certain pace on your body. Breathe naturally and notice any changes. Try to use all your senses. Pay attention to sounds around you: dogs barking, passing cars, people talking. If your mind is filled with judgments or thoughts, try to bring your attention back to the breath. In this way, you will train your body and mind at the same time.


Fun is a vitamin for raising spirits and mood. Being able to shrug off worries and enjoy life is just as important as eating well, sleeping and taking care of your body. Kind jokes fill our lives with meaning and have an incredibly positive effect: they strengthen the immune system, memory, help form healthy sleep habits, give vigor, and also reduce stress and increase self-esteem.

Laughing for no reason is a sign of happiness.
Laughing for no reason is a sign of happiness. – A source

Look for little joys. There are many possibilities for pleasure hidden in the everyday little things. For example, a long car ride is a great chance to listen to an audiobook. Cooking dinner is a break from the hustle and bustle of the day. Walking your dog is an excuse to get some fresh air and make new acquaintances with other dog owners.

On a day of self-love, mark at least 10 little joys. Write them down in your diary or smartphone.

Plan great joys. What if fun was high on your to-do list? On the day of taking care of yourself, let it be so. Mix something really fun that you’ve always wanted to do. And come off as you should!


Scientists argue that lack of communication is more harmful to health than obesity, blood pressure and smoking. Just think about this fact! When was the last time you had a snack with your best friend?

It’s time to chat with someone for your wellness!

Put your phone and tablet aside. When we become addicted to technology, we lose our close ties. Real intimacy comes from exciting conversations, direct looks and hugs. Trust is built on this – the foundation of love.

Have lunch or dinner with your loved ones. Cooking and eating together are manifestations of love in themselves. Both an ordinary family dinner and a trip to a new restaurant with friends unite and give many pleasant emotions for the body and brain. And, of course, this is not about magical fried vegetables: relationships in families whose members find time for a joint lunch or dinner are stronger and warmer.

It's time to chat with someone for your wellness!
Get your friends out for a picnic. – A source

Do a good deed. By giving, we get much more. Sometimes more than they could imagine, and more than they are able to give. By helping others, we improve mood and build self-esteem. At this time, the same parts of the brain are activated as in situations when we do something for ourselves.

Helping others makes us happier.

Do some good deed on your day of caring for yourself: transfer money to charity, help a dog shelter, walk grandma home, or hold the door for mommy with a stroller. You will feel how warm it has become in your soul.


Only 5% of the lucky ones have a mutated gene that allows them to gain strength in just six hours of sleep. The other 95% feel disgusting after a too short night. And when such a schedule becomes the norm, the situation is greatly aggravated.

The first step to healthy sleep is recognizing its importance.

Listen to yourself. The body itself shows when to slow down. The desire to get to the pillow is formed throughout the day: the biological clock gradually adjusts to the onset of darkness, melatonin, a natural sedative that helps to fall asleep, begins to be released. Energy-boosting cortisol levels decline in the evening and slowly rise again during the night to provide you with a fresh boost for the day ahead.

Try to relax an hour before bed. Turn off gadgets, disconnect from daily worries. If you are anxious or stressed, write down everything that worries you so that you can think about a solution in the morning. Take a bath before bed, read your favorite book, or do breathing exercises.

Go to bed early.  Try to lie down no later than 22.00.  Treat yourself to real luxury - complete relaxation.
Make yourself a cozy nest and go to bed early. – A source

Go to bed early. Try to lie down no later than 22.00. Treat yourself to real luxury – complete relaxation.

Happy day schedule

If you pamper yourself on the weekend, you will surely get a taste of it. But what about weekdays? Among the worries and troubles, you can also find moments for joy and care for yourself. Here is the schedule for a typical workday full of love and attention. Try to adapt it to your routine and take care of yourself every day.

21:30 (the day before) Get a full eight hours of sleep. After that, you will have enough energy to cope with any business.

7:00 In the morning, take a few deep breaths and light exercises. Your mood will rise and you will have energy for the whole day.

8:30 Bring lunch and snacks from home to work, as well as a bottle of water. You will have your favorite food, energy “dressing” at hand, not to mention saving money!

10:00 During the day, drink water that is vital for every cell in the body. Count by adding gum to the neck each time you refill the bottle. Your goal is 6-8 gum a day.

12:00 Take a lunch break to eat without being distracted by other activities. Find a comfortable place indoors or outdoors, alone or with friends. And no talk about work at this time!

14:00 Arrange a meeting “on your feet” during a walk – this will give creative energy and improve your mood.

15:30 Afternoon snack. If you feel hungry, enjoy your snack in peace. Do not “throw” food into yourself while rushing to finish an urgent matter!

16:30 Take a break from work to restart your brain. Take a few deep breaths in and out and name one thing for which you are grateful to fate.

18:30 Leave work on time. After a busy day, it’s time to take care of yourself. Work will be patient until tomorrow!

19:00 Make your heart beat faster. Go for a ten-minute walk, a wellness run, and a yoga class. At worst, jump in place! Add movement to the passing day!

19:30 Eat dessert after dinner. By deliberately allowing yourself to eat “forbidden” foods, you will avoid compulsive overeating.

20:00 Do something nice. Plan your vacation. Dedicate time to a hobby. Hug someone tightly. Play with your dog.

Finally – the schedule of a happy day from the book “Closer to the Body”. It can be downloaded and kept close at hand as a reminder. Use it and don’t forget to love yourself!

Download in good quality

Based on the book “Closer to the Body”
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