10 inspiring thoughts on running. And about life

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10 inspiring thoughts on running. And about life

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May 17, 2019


Yuri Strofilov ran his first marathon at the age of 50. Now he has six majors behind him. In New York and Tokyo, he became the fastest Russian. In Yaroslavl – the first among the “vintage” athletes. Yuri shared his experience and discoveries, finds and mistakes, advice and thoughts in our novelty “Not about running”. Here are some valuable thoughts from her.


Great equalizer

At a distance, everyone is equal: rich and poor, influential and not so powerful. Neither extensive connections, nor the ability to choose a tie to match the color of the socks, nor the size of the car help here. You are left alone with your body and spirit.


Ideas come while running

Thinking well while running. Adrenaline makes you think quickly, dopamine throws up options and sharpens intuition, serotonin expands consciousness, and norepinephrine pushes you to make decisions. A leisurely run is very similar to a light nap with visions, dreams, memories. You just have to direct your thoughts a little bit. This is how marathon runners become poets.


How to feel the value of a minute

At the finish of the marathon, we are fighting for every second. But we spend hours and days on all sorts of nonsense in everyday life. We easily trade time for money, doing work we hate, and then offer any money to turn the clock back. We begin to appreciate the minutes when we realize that there is no more time. The marathon gives you the opportunity to experience it. In a sprint, you cannot understand this, too short intervals. A marathon is three hours of fierce struggle in one minute.


Time management task

Spend your jogging time analyzing what can be left out of your schedule and to-do list. Where do you need to go? Maybe we can solve everything by exchanging a couple of messages? What is the prospect? Does he really want what we can do better than others? It is very convenient to delete tasks from the schedule on the run: physically you are tired, and your head works fine. Laziness and analysis will help clean up your diary. Do not feel sorry for anyone: the really important things are nailed down, it is not so easy to throw them out.

The task of time management is not to cram as much into the schedule as possible, but to throw as much out of it as possible. Don’t imitate the activity. A long pause is better than stupid work.


Feed the right wolf

An old Indian shared his wisdom with the children of his tribe: “There is a struggle inside me. This is a terrible battle between two wolves. The first wolf represents fear, anger, guilt, greed and indifference. The other stands for faith, peace, truth, love and prudence. This battle is going on inside everyone. ” The children began to think, and one of them asked: “Which one will win?” The old Indian replied, “The one you feed.” Running is the best way to feed the right wolf.


Don’t customize the result

To run fast, you must learn to run slowly. Boring? How can it be boring to be alone with yourself when no one is interfering? Slow running is a time for reflection, meditation and unity with the outside world. Take your time: the result will come faster if it is not customized.


Mild stress

If you experience mild stress every day while running, your body will respond to a serious crisis without disrupting its compensation mechanisms.


Running and money

You run your workout very slowly, the phone doesn’t ring, SMS doesn’t come, the messenger doesn’t bother, the edited truth doesn’t jump out of the TV, you don’t need to wash the dishes, screw the shelf in the toilet too. You are finally free. Now you decide what to think about. We are knowledge workers. We are paid for what we think. So we ran to make money.


Everyone folds their mosaic

Trendy techniques are born and die. High heel, keto diet, natural running, vitamin C, posture running, red wine, tapes, 170 kilometers per week, gluten, BCAAs, beer, control workout, compression socks, barbell, power gauge, carbohydrate deload … From this each collects his own mosaic. The more pieces of glass you have, the more beautiful and slender your panel is.


The finish line does not exist

There is no finish line. Neither the finish of one marathon nor the finish of six marathons is the end. There is no distance to sacrifice long-term interests. Amateurs differ from professionals in that they love more than just running!

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