10 days to reboot life. Program from two doctors

Once upon a time one could only dream of the world in which we live. Food is enough, friends and work are in your pocket (in your smartphone). All this was created to make us happy. But we don’t feel that way. Why?

Doctors, father and son – David and Austin Perlmutters (David is also the author of the bestselling book “Food and Brain”), are sure that it is because of the disconnection syndrome. Therefore, we united and put all our experience into a 10-day program.

It will help you brainwash and hack reality a little: learn to use the advantages of our world and stop suffering from its disadvantages. The book contains a sea of ​​scientific facts, stories from medical practice. And even recipes. Everything is for you.


Invisible threads are the strongest.

Friedrich Nietzsche

When Austin Perlmutter started working as a doctor, he diligently prescribed pills and diets. But the patients did not follow the instructions very well. Then Austin started asking them the question: what do you really care about? It turned out that people valued their families, friends, and hobbies. And good health is only a helper.

The young doctor understood: you need to start with connections. Connections between people, different parts of our life, everyone’s connection with himself.

So there was a 10-day program that reassembled life like a jigsaw puzzle – from nutrition to relationships.

In 10 days you can improve important areas of life and put everything together

The program with the eloquent name “Brainwash” is practical and simple. And this is not a call for excellence, but an impetus for big changes.

Onion sandwich

There is no person who would be like an island by itself,

each person is part of the mainland, part of the land.

John Donne

And here is a story from David’s practice. One day, while making a round, he went to a patient who was recovering from a stroke. The man’s mood was terrible. David asked how he could help. “All I want is an onion sandwich,” he replied.

A thick circle of onions on a piece of white bread with mayonnaise, as my mother used to cook. David put the sandwich recipe on the assignment card. The next day, the patient smiled: he received the “medicine.” His condition improved so quickly that he was discharged the next day.

This story is about how healing can be. Ask your loved one today what can make them happier. Suddenly it’s just a sandwich.

N.O.V.O. test

When you need to take 5 minutes,

Twitter is a great way to take 35 minutes.

Matt Cutts

Technology is a great invention, but it is also a great eater of time and health. Studies have shown that Internet addiction doubles the risk of suicide in adults, and almost quadruples in children under 18. Terrifying fact.

Life tempts us with easy ways out of stress. Unfortunately, they only make the problem worse.

To protect yourself, every time you open social networks, a search engine or your favorite application, use the N.O.V.O. test. This means that your actions should be:

  • Intentional. What do you intend to get and is it really beneficial?
  • Time limited. Estimate how much time you need to solve the problem, set a timer and exit the dusk from the application as soon as it goes off.
  • Thoughtful. Pause and listen to your feelings. Does a website make you angry? Annoyed by inappropriate comments? What exactly are you looking for here?
  • Enriching. Does what you take makes you better? Does this add something to your knowledge?

Vitamin N

If you’re in a bad mood, go for a walk.


Thinking about what vitamins to drink before the long winter? Prescribe yourself an increased dose of vitamin N: it is free and does not require a prescription.

And these are walks in nature (N – from the word nature).

Nature’s Dose makes us healthier and happier. In one experiment, doctors followed patients after surgery. The chambers were the same, but some looked out onto a brick wall, while others overlooked the trees. Patients looking at greens were discharged earlier and drank less pain relievers.

Even images of nature help you feel better. So consider that this letter is healing (but it is better to take a walk anyway).

No wonder, because nature does not just surround us: we ourselves are nature.

Brain flushing

The secret to success is taking action.

Attributed to Mark Twain

The plot of all lives is similar: we are born, live and die. But for some, this story turns into a tragedy, for others – into a comedy or thriller. We don’t have to be passive characters in it.

Either you control your brain and life, or others do it for you.

This is Austin and David Perlmutter. David’s previous books, Food and Brain and Gut and Brain, are bestsellers. – A source

Here’s what you’ll find in the book Brainwash:

  • Selfie hour: what millennials are doing wrong
  • Silence is a great healer: what happens when you pause a song
  • Brain shampoo: how to remove debris from your head
  • 3.5 England, or people with internet addiction
  • Stone Age Bread and Other Recipes for Brainwashing

The world has a lot to offer us. The question is what we want to take. This plan provides freedom – from chaos, helplessness and loneliness. To build a healthy life and enjoy what we have.

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