10 activities for those who don’t like running

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10 activities for those who don’t like running

17 september 2018


“Everyone is running, but I don’t want to!” Sound familiar? There are many running competitions in the fall, and we have even compiled a selection of books for fans of this sport. Dan Buettner, a renowned explorer of the Blue Zones, the areas with the largest number of centenarians, concluded that all centenarians were engaged in aerobic activity. What to do for those who do not like to run, but want to be healthy? There are many other activities that can successfully replace running.


Brisk walking is less stressful than running, but has no less beneficial effect on health. Walking every day for 40 minutes improves memory, tones the body, and improves mood.

And it is not necessary to specifically allocate time for walking. Try leaving your car a little further from work and walking to the office. Or head to a distant grocery store. Here is what Buettner writes in his book Blue Zones in Practice: “In the“ blue zones ”people are forced to engage in various types of physical activity, such as gardening and gardening, cooking, cleaning, walking or just getting up from the floor every 10– 15 minutes. For this reason, their bodies maintain a high metabolic rate throughout the day, throughout the week. “

Nordic walking

Walking with special poles is becoming more and more popular in our country. This activity is more effective than walking (burns up to 46% more calories), but at the same time it is not as intense as running. On the internet, you can find communities of people to practice Nordic walking together.

Both young and mature people practice Scandinavian walking. A source


Many people get bored with running, cycling is another matter entirely. You can visit unfamiliar places, go to remote areas, stop whenever you want and enjoy the nature around you. Of course, to make progress in this sport requires intense training, but not always. Even the famous triathlon coach Joe Friel, in his book The Triathlete’s Bible, advises taking cycling with friends from time to time. For those who do not have enough resources for sports and do not have the goal of achieving athletic heights, you can make cycling a part of life, for example, overcome the “home-work-home” path on two wheels.


If you don’t like running due to excessive stress on your joints, then swimming is for you! But don’t think that this is an easy sport. The pool will also have to “sweat”.

“Swimmers are constantly in the water, they need a lot of pure muscle strength,” writes Bob Bowman, coach of famed swimmer Michael Phelps, in The Golden Rules. – Any improvements are measured not in minutes, but in milliseconds. Sounds familiar? Anyone who has pored over presentations in the office and made monthly sales forecasts will understand what it is like for swimmers. “

Trampoline jumping

This is not only useful, but also a lot of fun. Look at the children when they are jumping on the trampoline – we, adults, can do that too! Moreover, fans of this sport say that 10-15 minutes are enough for training (this is like a half-hour running session). But the main thing is the anti-stress effect, because it is impossible to remain gloomy after a couple of jumps!

A source


There are many types of dances, and you can choose your activity according to your temperament. From belly dancing to break dance. This is an extraordinarily creative activity that is sure to fill with energy. If you are inspired by this thought, read the book “The Creative Habit” by renowned choreographer Twila Tharp. She has created over 130 dances for her troupe, as well as for such collectives as the New York City Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, London Royal Ballet and American Ballet Theater.


With the arrival of winter, skating rinks will open on the streets, but in the meantime, you can train in indoor arenas. Ice skating not only trains physical endurance, but also hardens the body, like any activity in the cold. In addition, on the ice you will develop attentiveness and dexterity, trying not to collide with people passing by.


Running is good for its accessibility – all you need to do is trainers and the street. So it is with the stairs. Anyone can go up and down it. Give up the elevator at work or at home, take the first step towards an active life.

A source

“The advantages are that you don’t need to change anything, you don’t need to buy equipment and you don’t look weird (again, except when you run up the stairs to the twenty-fifth floor of an office skyscraper),” write the authors of the book “Charged on 100% ”about how easy it is to add movement to your life.


Ask a football player if he likes to run. Surely he will say no. At the same time, a footballer runs 10-11 kilometers on average per match. The secret is that during the game you forget about running as such. After all, chasing the ball is not at all the same as running from point A to point B.

The book for adults and children “Football” will help you to refresh your memory of the rules. It is not necessary to type a command. Go out into the courtyard, for sure there is someone chasing the ball, but there are not enough players. Join us!


You will be surprised, but badminton is included in the training program for astronauts. The fact is that this sport perfectly trains eyesight and is one of the three most physically demanding team sports. Just imagine: if you sum up all the movements of a badminton player per game, then the length will turn out to be up to 6 kilometers, and in height – a kilometer!

Whichever sport you choose, the main thing is that it brings you pleasure. Add movement to your life!

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