Yoga off the Mat

WineDown Yoga raised nearly $9,000 for nonprofits in East Africa and Latin America, to date. By taking yoga off the mat and into the world, we live our practice.

2014-2016 Highlights

·       Supported the Africa Yoga Project’s mission to provide Africans across the continent access to yoga teacher trainings (giving them access to a growing job market) and funded outreach projects for Kenyans living in the slums. Total raised: $4,500

·       Shared yoga with children, teachers and families at the Ikirwa School, located on a mountaintop in the Midawe village outside Arusha, Tanzania.  We brought yoga mats, taught classes and connected with a community living off the grid. The money we raised supported efforts to build 2 new classrooms for the school. Total raised: $900

·       We joined ChangeHeroes and TECHO in a campaign to fund 100 homes for 100 families living in the slums across Latin America. In July of 2016 we flew to Managua, Nicaragua to build the home alongside the family who gets to live in it. Total raised: $3,200

**A HUGE thank you to our community for supporting our efforts to heal the world through yoga, health & community!**