Naturally Human with Sev and Mer is a 30 min (ish) podcast developed by Sev Tok (a Soul Purpose coach, writer, and speaker) and Meredith Walsh (owner of WineDown Yoga, marketing guru, and yogi). This weekly podcast broadcasts out of Washington, D.C and is about the journey of spiritual expansion while being human. It provides real life stories mixed with scientific research and live interviews to connect you with your esoteric self. Through these discussions learn how to resolve deep rooted or unconscious blocks, eliminate your fears, increase abundance, gain confidence and accept your humanness.

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The last 5 minutes of each show is dedicated to #AskaMan, where a male guest is asked questions and shares his view.

We will answer your questions on the podcast. Email your questions about spiritual expansion, relationships, meditation, extra-sensory abilities…etc
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**Electronic keyboards by Mer and ukulele by Sev**
**Photography by Kip Radt @ kipradt.com

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