Winter Solstice Heart Openers

December 21, 2016 - 07:00 PM / 09:00 PM


3549 Devon dr Falls Church 22042


Essential oils and cacao
The winter solstice marks the day of the year when the sun is least present and darkness dominates; it is the literal dawning of transformation within our year. In this way we are reborn while we continue to thrive with the sun as it reaches its peak longevity on the summer solstice. This process connects us with creation in both the outer and inner worlds.
During this Winter Solstice Heart Opening Workshop, we’ll dive into the benefits of living with an open heart and how doing so allows you to attract what you want in your life. We will begin with intentions for the new year and move into asana and aromatherapy, and end with a cup of ceremonial Guatemalan cacao.
You’ll learn and experience postures that assist in opening the heart, gain knowledge on the benefits of aroma therapy, and taste the benefits of cacao. Revered as the “Food of the Gods” by the Mayans, Theobroma Cacao shares its connective and divinatory powers with the consumer.
We open our hearts to the inner transformation in alignment with the growing sun.
Join us and experience Earth’s best tools that allow our hearts to open to everything this universe has to offer us!
**NOTE: YOU MUST RESERVE your space prior to the event so we can ensure we have the proper doses for each participant. For your comfort, we recommend eating a light meal before coming to the workshop**
Hosted by: Meredith Wyman Walsh, Owner of WIneDown Yoga & Atticus Mooney
Location is at a private residence: 3549 Devon dr Falls Church 22042

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