The Art of Business Online Course Now Available for Jan 2017!

December 20th, 2017


Meredith Walsh, founder of WineDown Yoga, is teaming up with Sev Tok, a Soul Purpose Coach and author, for a 4 week online course created by and for entrepreneurs. This course is for anyone looking to start a business or for anyone who wants more abundance in their current business. This course starts January 28th and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Email winedownyoga@gmail.com with any questions! 

The Art of Business

An entrepreneur is a creator.  Building success sparked by imagination is a highly creative process.  It is not all about creativity, though, for accepted business practices are backed by mathematics and science.  So, the world of business is a complicated mix of the known with the unknown, the hard facts with the esoteric.  Harmoniously blending these opposite realities is the key to success.  An entrepreneur is a craftsman in the art of business.

The world of entrepreneurship has made huge changes in the last decade.  Now, it’s easier than ever to create a small business using just your laptop and phone. What isn’t easy is mastering the intangible element of business – the mind.  Maybe you are not aware that your mind thinks you aren’t good enough, not deserving, or that it fears success.  Your potential exists in your mind so, it is imperative to successfully manage your mind to unleash your potential.

If you dream of starting your own business or dream of more success in your current business, The Art of Business is designed for you.  Over the course of 4 weeks, you will receive a road map with an illuminated path to your ultimate destination: Successful Business Owner.    

Join us on-line starting Saturday, January 28 for a 4-week course that will support your entrepreneurship journey.  From the comfort of your home, you will learn how to:

+ Bust through self-sabotaging mind blocks
+ Expand & manage your mind’s power
+ Create powerful labels and self-definitions
+ Collaborate & network
+ Wear the Success Suit
+ Brand & market your business

Weekly assignments and exercises, called “creative missions”, along with live interactive videos, Q&A’s, and The Art of Business Manual are designed to support and guide you.

Jan 28th
Week 1: The Successful You

We kick it off with a live, interactive video and Q&A.  Learn how to:

+ wear the energy of success – the Success Suit
+ release damaging beliefs
+ identify self-sabotaging patterns
+ redefine yourself with powerful labels
+ exude positive and confident energy

Feb. 3rd
Week 2: Your Business Vibe

You will receive a one hour video to watch at your convenience.  Learn how to:

+ create the energetic matrix of your business
+ set intentions
+ define goals and set strategies
+ build confidence in your service or product

Feb 10th
Week 3: Collaboration & Networking

You will receive a one hour video to watch at your convenience.  Learn how to:

+ free the fear of competition
+ connect with other entrepreneurs
+ fuse with successful businesses
+ create new business opportunities
+ think with a fluid mind

Feb 18th
Week 4: Branding & Marketing

In our final week, we have a live, interactive video with Q&A.  Learn how to:

+ create a brand 
+ market through social media
+ produce effective newsletters
+ value your service or product
+ find loyal customers

BONUS WEEK: 6 weeks after completion, there will be a live, interactive group session to ask about lingering hang-ups, rough-spots, and to share stories of success!

We are eager to welcome you into the entrepreneurial club!  Unleash your potential in 2017 and create your much-deserved success!

Sev & Mer

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