10 Things We Can Do to Promote Peace in a Not So Peaceful World

July, 12th, 2016 —

Peace. As civilizations have evolved, we’ve continued to struggle with how to remain peaceful to other human beings and the planet.  We’ve forgotten that we’re all connected, and to work in harmony is possible if we lift the barriers of the mind that’s disconnecting us to each other and the planet.

From the words of a sister from another mister, Katie Randall, who shares 10 things we can do to keep the peace inside, and then have it radiate out to the world…

Some things we can do:

1. Smile at those who may have a hard time smiling, because why not?
2. Love, even if it feels vulnerable. We need more Love, period.
3. Listen, even if it’s painful. We need to hear one another more often.
4. Keep your mind open to expand.
5. Forgive yourself often. That shit will build up and not serve anyone.
6. Forgive others often and allow them to evolve.
7. Hug people because it feels good.
8. Tell people how you feel about them.
Don’t worry what their response is. Do it because you feel.
9. Our time on this planet is limited, do what your Soul feels aligned with, not what you think you have to do.
10. Keep Faith close.

It’s been hard to smile lately… It’s been heart wrenching to accept much of the circumstances taking place currently, and historically. We are better when we all do these things, because we are all in this together. Shine on shine on shine on!



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